Personal license plates will not be issued in Dubai

The government in Dubai has confirmed the information that it is prohibited to issue registered license plates. Vehicle owners must take this innovation into account.

The RTA, known as the Dubai Roads and Transportation Authority, has made adjustments to the information circulating on the network about registered license plates. After watching the video of the owner of the car with the number 7AMAD, a lot of heated discussions arose. Subscribers on social networks actively posted the video.

This video was shared on the network by a user under the nickname @HamadAlMaijidi. The author of the message introduced a new proposal on the use of personal numbers. In fact, Alpha Majidi acquired this number more than five years ago. Interestingly, license plate 7AMAD was purchased from a foreign website.

But the department of the Emirates noted that this message has no connection to the practice of today. In other countries, decorative use of numbers for cars is practiced, but in the UAE the law does not allow this.

It is worth noting that at the beginning of 2020, a copy with the EXPO-2020 logo was on sale, which was noticed by its unusual number. The license plate bore the logo of the exhibition. A similar number costs 200 dirhams - you can replace the front and rear at the same time, or one at will.

To get such a license plate for a car, you must submit an application on the official website of the department. Manufacturing takes up to three days. Delivery is handled by a customer service center. Support program for the initiative to popularize the most famous world exhibition.

In addition, the Dubai police fined more than 5,000 drivers for non-standard numbers in the first half of 2021. Fuzzy numbers were recorded on both passenger cars and trucks.

Police officers noted that some vehicle owners deliberately hide their numbers in order to avoid paying fines. To hide the number plates, they resorted to using electronic covers and other means. For this violation, a fine is imposed - 400 dirhams.

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