For illegal resale put in prison

Numerous motorists of the Emirates discuss the high-profile criminal case concerning plunder and illegal implementation of a private property. At once nine people are sentenced by court to long prison terms. Their wine – resale of the expensive cars leased. Upsets that not all newly made buyers attended to check the property rights of sellers. And now they should spend a lot of time to try to return the means paid swindlers for the right to own a magnificent car.

More than seven million dirhams, or almost two million dollars – such sum fell into hands of the illegal businessmen who decided to profit at the expense of others. Nine people tried to earn a long time, making out lease of cars in Dubai and other cities then – looked for on them solvent and not too scrupulous buyers. At the same time the gang worked for export – announcements of sale of luxury vehicles moved abroad. Thus, the vigilance of future owners that those didn't begin to demand to show documents for purchase was possible to deceive. Interest in the illegal offer to buy a car was stirred by rather affordable prices – lower, than in salons of official sellers. The similar problem can arise with services of economy car rental companies in the UAE.

Once tribute pays to tastes a grief of sellers – their attention was drawn only by premium class cars. Among them – the Lamborghini, Range Rover, Mercedes and Nissan brands. The scheme of criminal activity was fulfilled to trifles. In the beginning the car went to accomplices who forged customs documents. Thus, there was a "new" vehicle which then left abroad to the new buyer.

Following the results of criminal case all his persons involved sat down at a grid for a period of 1 up to 10 years, depending on extent of participation in illegal business. After serving sentence those who aren't a citizen of the Emirates will be compulsorily deported home. Besides, the court decided to confiscate all hijacked and sold cars and also – the counterfeit documents processed to them.