Nissan X-Trail

No mileage restrictions
Rent price
199 AED
1549 AED
2749 AED
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  • 2015
  • 7 people
  • Front
  • 2.5 l  / 171 h.p.  / 4 cylinders
  • Automatic
  • Petrol / 8 litres (100Km)
  • USB
  • Bluetooth
  • Parktronic
  • Cruise control

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  • What additional services does your company provide?
    • all of our machines undergo timely maintenance in dealerships and specialized centers.
    • for a period of time THAT our clients are provided with a car similar to a rented car.
  • From what age. Can I rent a car in the UAE?

    By the condition of insurance, you can rent a car from 21 years!

  • Is insurance included in the rental price of the car
    • CDR-insurance is included in the car rental price, in this case if the customer Gets into an accident by his fault (red police report), the client pays a fine of 1500 dirh
    • in case the driver is not guilty (green police report) the client pays nothing
    • for an additional payment the client can purchase full insurance and in case of an accident due to the clients fault - does not pay a penalty


Rent Nissan X-trail in Dubai

Renting a Nissan X-Trail metallic for AED 189 per day opens up a lot of opportunities. After all, you do not have to wait for shuttle service, adjust to the route of the tour, to spend money on a cab. You will appreciate all the beauty of Dubai, traveling in your own car.

Steady wheelbase, comfortable cabin for 7 people, automatic gearbox, built-in navigation system - all this will make a comfortable vacation for a family or a small company. Nissan X-Trail rentals are issued with a passport and driver's license. You will be able to travel without unnecessary costs around Dubai.You can book a Nissan over the phone. Or leave a request on the website.