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    13.05.19 Sergey

    Absolutely unforgettable experience and amazing birthday weekend was possible thanks to Absolute Car Rental team! Mustang convertible GT 5.0 was our choice and we didn’t regret it for a single bit with my wife. Car was in an excellent condition, delivered on time, no one was messing up with “new” scratches and security deposit deduction. That was a real joy, not to mention how competitive the rates are! Next time we are most likely to try a brand new Lamborghini Urus.

    05.02.19 Ganesh

    I rented Nissan Pathfinder for 10 days.Recieved car in a good condition fnd delivered promptly.Great customer service . Iwould like to express my sincere gratitude jn their professional service and positive response.I recommend this rental car company.

    10.12.18 Nikolai

    I want to thank you for your help and service!A lot of thanks !You're the best car rental in Dubai!I rented Mustang 2014!

    28.11.18 Marat

    We took two cars, liked everything, everything quickly and efficiently, and most importantly cheaper than competitors.We rented Camry and Santa Fe

    14.11.18 Evgeniy

    Many times rent the Toyota Land Cruiser and Mercedes GL. No admonitions. We will contact you again.

    10.07.18 Dmitriy

    They took Toyota yaris for 3 days.  Managers are English-speaking.  When renting indicated damage and chips.  Upon surrender, they again inspected and signed the car.  In Russian, you can correspond in the official whatsapp The deposit of 2000 dirhams was written off from the girl's card (because I do not have a credit card), and the deposit was returned 20 days after the car rent began.  On the windshield, Salic is already immediately hanging to pay for toll roads (read what it is.) The roads are not expensive and are worth their money.  All the questions are answered exhaustively and always, albeit with a small delay (if you write with the CT (from 16) in the Security Council, then it's not a fact that they will respond because in the emirates it's the weekend.If we go still, then take something cooler  you and for a longer time :)

    07.05.18 Vitalyi

    Thanks for the car and the service provided!!Everything at the highest level,I recommend to everyone who is planning to rent a car in Dubay to use the services Absolute rent a car .You are the best!!!


    Thank you very much for the  provided services .  Everything is at the highest level. We will turn around again.

    28.03.18 Evgeny

    I rented Ford Mustang for a week in this remarkable company. But I will begin one after another: in advance it I contacted with the representative in Moscow and I recognized all about renting of a car. I asked a heap of questions: how it? How that? How much? and received on  irrefragable answers, a month later I called back to the same number and reserved the car! The car was brought precisely while agreed. The car was washed in very good shape (as well as on a photo on the website). The young man who brought showed all explained, to him for this separate thanks as earlier I didn't drive similar cars. A week later, the same young man besides without delay accepted the car back. Asked as  how I spent my holidays? Holidays were perfectly! Also I left! Generally I recommend  this company, the excellent prices and good cars! Thank you 

    16.03.18 Emil

    I would like  to express huge gratitude to the Absolute company. At the beginning of the year we rented Ford Mustang and traveled over, almost, whole country.We were very satisfied with quality of services, the car, the prices and approach to the client! The deposit was returned without any problems. I recommend this company!