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How to renting a car in the UAE

Rental cars in Dubai

Rental cars in Dubai is very popular service. In each company has the rules, however there are laws which have to observe everyone. It is possible to study rules of hiring a car in Dubai below.

Documents required for rent a car in the UAE:

Residents of the UAE must have: 

  • a passport, 
  • valid Driving license for at least 1 year from the date of issue

Non-residents(tourists etc.) should have:

  • passport,
  • national rights,
  • international rights (need depending on citizenship)


  • To rest and travel remember you only pleasant impressions, renting a car in the UAE, keep in mind the following: Movement in the United Arab Emirates right-sided. It is accepted to move along the central bands (extreme bands are left for special cases). Be sure to wear seat belts - this is carefully monitored by UAE authorities.
  • Limitations of speed while driving through the city - 40 ... 80 km / h, on the road - 100 ... 120 km / h. Note that on all roads there are radars, and fines are issued and sent to the company from which the car was leased. The amount of the penalty for speeding varies from 200 dirhams.
  • If you rent a car in the UAE, you violated the rules of the road, you can take away the driver's license. Do not even try to bribe a policeman, because for this you may face criminal liability.
  • In addition, to rent a car in the UAE is not overshadowed by a fine, please note that alcohol in the car can only be transported by residents, and then with a special license.
  • Renting a car in the UAE is an advantageous and convenient way to get the most out of your vacation. Fill out the application on our website or contact us at the specified contacts - the machine will be served at a convenient time and place!

Dubai car hire


Dubai car hire is simply and also doesn't demand great efforts. It is enough to have the international rights. Our company will provide you a wide choice of cars and guarantees the lowest prices of rent.


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Below we offer to Your attention the announcement of the latest news about automotive and automotive topics, which we will update regularly.


     Day without cars: when the ecology is more important than personal comfort. 26.01.18
      The action of refusal of use of the individual transport for 24 hours periodically takes place in the different countries of the world. The Emirates didn't become an exception – the similar event will be held already for the ninth time here. Despite demand of private vehicles at movement on the megalopolis and its resort vicinities, such initiative doesn't cause discontent of citizens. On the contrary, she is even supported willingly by those who prefer own car or renting of the car in the UAE to public transport services or foot walks.
      The new action urging local population to change on buses and bicycles is planned for February 4. Adzhman, Ras Al Khaimah and the city of Al Ain intend to take part in it Dubai. The management of local municipalities of road transportation already coordinated the main aspects of an action, having reached full mutual understanding. The population of objects – participants of the action is notified on the new project, and the authorities expect from motorists of positive reaction and all support. Moreover, announced several government and non-governmental departments the participation and also – the private companies anyway connected with roads and public transportation.
    Main objective which is pursued by organizers of an action, - attempt to lower a negative impact of the huge cities on local ecology. Continuous monitoring of purity of air and water in the capitals and in resorts of the tourist centers of the Emirates shows sure deterioration in state of environment because of exhausts of thousands of cars which are daily coming out to roads of the country. Besides, for the purpose of an action – drawing attention of citizens to high-quality service of public transportation and its promoting. Also the role is played by the aspiration of the authorities to interest citizens in opportunities of a healthy lifestyle when the convenient salon of a car gives way to the bicycle or foot walks. Especially as for this purpose in the Emirates all conditions – from safe paths to magnificent park zones, so unusual against the background of the desert surrounding the country are created.
     Following the results of 2017, more than 60 000 cars participated in the previous action. In new year experts expect significant increase in this indicator.

         Sale of registration numbers in the Emirates: the next records about which are speaking in the world. 20.11.17


       The United Arab Emirates which appeared on the world map less half a century continue to impress the whole world with the numerous records. And it concerns not only achievements in construction and ultramodern technical developments.

       One of the latest news of the UAE – acquisition of a car number "2" for the fabulous sum of 3 million dollars. It is so much, more precisely, in 10 million equivalent dirhams, the local businessman Ahmed al-Marzouki who attended an auction of the Emirates Auction Company in Abu Dhabi laid out. Reporters of Khaleej Times interviewed him and he didn't express regret about the decision at all. Moreover, according to the 32-year-old millionaire, he is proud of the acquisition and connects the new number with memorable for the country date. On December 02, 1971 seven emirates integrated to the country – the UAE, and since that moment this day became a national holiday of the young state.

         Ahmed al-Marzouki's purchase – not the only loud acquisition at last auction. For "more modest" the sum number 11 was acquired – its owner had to lay out for a desired novelty 6,5mln dirhams, or 1,5mln dollars. And here the 12-year-old school student became the owner of the prestigious number 1111. His father, the businessman Mohammed al-Mazrouei decided to give the successor a pleasant gift which cost is equivalent to 400 thousand dollars. Actually, similar expenditure doesn’t surprise. As well as around the world, prestigious car numbers serve as the distinctive sign of cars in the Emirates the VIP of persons and create their image. You will hardly see them on free sale or in services of renting a car in the UAE – "happy" number boards are quickly bought up by representatives of local business elite.

        Organizers of an auction consider the action completely successful. Total amount of revenue was 15 million dollars, or in terms of national currency – 55 million dirhams. All collected sum is going to be spent for charity events. It should be noted that the auction for sale of car numbers is dated for 60-year anniversary of police of Abu Dhabi




       For a holiday automobile parkings of Dubai will work for free. 20.09.17


        Important news to owners of cars and those who are going to use services of rentjng  a car in UAE. Since1 of September , in day of the beginning of a holiday of Ides al-Fitr, the megalopolis will please inhabitants and guests with free parkings. The only exception – a multi-level parking and the large parking at the fish market. Thus, you will be able to plan the personal or working hours, without worrying about accounts on a windshield. The same who has no individual transport at the order yet can use the subway – its work in holidays will last to 2 o'clock in the morning.

       The decision on the free parking is oriented on the normal citizens who received additional day off. On Ides al-Fitr the business activity always decreases to a minimum, and most of families spend time on vacation, going to local shopping centers. The festive action will be prolonged till last day celebrations.


         Cars from the UAE will take participate in the international races. 30.08.17


     Long time the international racing actions were "occupied" by products of the leading European and American auto brands. This year the situation changed – the first car which is completely designed and assembled in the Emirates participated in the well-known 24-hour race in Lyon. During the day cars need to show all the best, what their producers allocated. The endurance, durability, stability on any route and safety – such of characteristics can show only the best of the best.

       It should be noted that the sports car from UAE provided excellent results and forced to speak about him. And it is quite explainable – the car worth about 90 thousand dollars is manufactured of hi-tech materials of the last generation in the Jannarelly Automotive with Equation Composites LLC Company - only which has the license for release of vehicles.

      Specialists believe that an exit of cars from the UAE to the international area will allow changing alignment of forces in domestic market. And, perhaps, soon in services of car hire in Dubai it will be possible to see a cars not only the known brands, but also cars of local production.


      Smart counters – soon in the taxi of Dubai. 11.08.2017.


     If you didn't manage to use services rental cars in Dubai yet and you move about the country to the taxi, be ready to be calculated with the driver according to indications of the "smart" counter. The new equipment of the last generation already decorates more than 10 thousand local cars. Despite impressive project cost on re-equipment of the taxi – about 19 million dollars, it is going to be implemented completely in June, 2018.
     The new system considers literally each aspect of work of the taxi and allows to adjust accounting of movement of the vehicle ideally. The location of the car is capable to install the equipment precisely, surely looks for addresses and independently updates district maps. The smart counter will remind the driver to take a break during the working day lasting 90 minutes and will report about the end of change. As soon as the passenger gets into the car, the equipment will remind to turn on the counter. And its direct link with a security system will provide movement within legislatively set high-speed mode. Specialists of local road authority say that installation of smart counters – only the beginning of the comprehensive program of the modernization designed to make the taxi in the UAE one of world-best.

     The police of Sharjah have detained the malicious defaulter of penalties. 04.08.2017.

     Police officers of Sharjah have finished operation on capture of the defaulter of penalties whose debt has made more than one million dirhams, or 300 thousand US dollars. In a moneybox of the breaker of rules of traffic – more than 130 proved acts which are unambiguously negatively classified by the current legislation.

       The vast majority of offenses – illegal taxi services and transportation of passengers without obtaining the corresponding permission.     The defendant – Asian origin, now legality of his stay in the UAE is specified. Police officers remind guests of the country: despite availability of services of illegal carriers, it is better to refuse them in favor of renting a car in the UAE or public transport.


      The former staff of the security company appropriated more than one million dirhams. 08.08.2017.

      Work in the security company didn't do well to six offenders detained in Dubai a few days ago. Having decided to finish with legal work, they didn't think up anything better, than to appropriate 1, 1 million dirhams from the collector car. The car was involved in collecting cash from the shops of Dubai belonging to one company. The plot of crime is worthy, to become material for the interesting Hollywood screen version. Two security guards provided to criminals the identity cards for money transfer in bank of Sri Lanka by means of points of a currency exchange. For their temporary storage even the apartment was rented. Skillfully distracting attention of personnel of one of shops, malefactors stole money directly from the car of collectors. Later the criminals rent a car in the UAEand tried to leave the country, having separated the stolen funds for all participants of an event. The main defendant managed to be detained quickly enough, and his indications allowed to identify the personality of other accomplices. Now the investigation of case is almost complete.

     New rules of transportation of children in the UAE became effective.15.08.17


     On July 25 ministers of the United Arab Emirates approved new rules of transportation of children in cars. Now young passengers aged up to 4 years are obliged to be in the automobile chairs of appropriate size expected their weight and age. Such decision is caused by intentions of Management on standardization and metrology of the UAE to enact the most strict standards of safety for children of younger age by which a number of the countries in Europe and Asia are guided today. Despite the general favorable situation in questions traffic regulations, legislators intend to reduce to zero indicators of child mortality on trasses which usually are a consequence of serious breakdowns and collisions of cars on the road.

     It should be noted that services of Dubai car hire consider for a long time desire of the vast majority of clients to provide to children in the car optimum conditions of movement. In inside of any car given to the resident or the tourist on the terms of rolling it is possible to establish a reliable baby seat of appropriate size which quality and level of safety meets the international standards. The corresponding option is discussed already during execution of the lease contract.