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rent a car for a six months

Do you want to rent a car for a six months?

This is simple:

  • Select one of the vehicles
  • Select a package
  • Sign a contract
  • Get a car



Rent a car Dubai for a long time: the best implementation of long-term plans

       The United Arab Emirates is like a country from a fairy tale that grew among the sands of the desert in record time.  For several years in a row, taking the lead in the number of tourists, it never ceases to amaze its guests with numerous attractions and opportunities for a successful business.  Therefore, it is not surprising that a desire to stay in this country a little longer than prescribed by business regulations or tourist vouchers.  If you have such a nice opportunity, make yourself another gift - use the services of leasing in Dubai.  A modern fleet of vehicles, flexible conditions, loyal prices and impeccable service will make it possible to freely move around the country without being tied to public transport schemes and limited tourist routes.

Car leasing in Dubai: why is it convenient?  

     The policy of loyalty of citizens to public transport, conducted today in Dubai, is unlikely to be of interest to the ordinary tourist.  Without knowing the city, you can easily get lost, and your plans for sightseeing will collapse like a house of sand.  Taxis are relatively expensive, and rushing to buy a used car is troublesome and unprofitable, especially if you have to leave the country ahead of schedule.  Add to this the risk of breakage, numerous insurance, documentary and other difficulties that cannot be avoided in this law-abiding country.  Obviously: rent a car - an option worthy of the most careful consideration.  Fast, easy, affordable, very convenient and guaranteed to be safe - you will get a car for long-term use on all listed conditions.  Moreover:

  1. All available rental vehicles are fully operational, in good technical condition and have already been documented.
  2. The rental price is only a fee for using a car, without additional ratios and surcharges.  Refueling is carried out independently at the expense of the client in volume necessary for it.
  3. It is possible to return the car at any time, without having to search for a parking space for it.
  4. The machine is available at your complete disposal, the area and time of movement are not limited.
  5. You save time and you can visit all the planned places and events without spending time waiting for public transport.
  6. You can move around the city and beyond in a convenient time for you, including the dark time of the day when the roads are almost empty.
  7. You will make the most favorable impression on relatives, friends or partners in the Emirates.
  8. Rent a comfortable car is the best solution in a difficult climate of the country, especially for those who hardly endure the sun and heat. 

Long rent cars in Dubai -how to arrange?  

    You will need a minimum of documents: a passport and valid national and international law.  Emirates citizens need only a passport and rights obtained a year ago or more.  When signing a contract with a client, all the conditions are discussed for a long time, and the rights and obligations of the tenant are specified in detail in the document.  Thus, you can avoid unnecessary trouble and significantly save on the "transport issue".

How profitable can be long renting car in Dubai?  

The Emirates may be a little intimidated by an economical traveler with its emphasized luxury.  But there are pleasant exceptions to this rule, and our long rent cars services in Dubai are one of the most obvious.  Flexible conditions take into account the duration of the service and your plans for the operation of the selected vehicle.  You will only need to replenish the fuel tank in a timely manner, and - and do it at any filling station.  In addition, our company is pleased to offer:  

  1. A modern car park of the leading European and Asian concerns, where each car passes professional maintenance.
  2. A selection of additional services and accessories, including a navigator, a child seat, carriage and car return services from anywhere in the country.
  3. Flexible work schedule, allowing you to return the car at a convenient time.

 Dubai rent a car long term: registration with the prospect

    Our long-term car rental services in the UAE are available even for those who are just planning a trip to the country.  You can place an order by phone in Moscow, via e-mail or WhatsApp service, specifying the date and time of arrival of your aircraft.  You can get acquainted with the available cars directly on the pages of our site.  If you have already arrived in the Emirates, please contact the company by phone or come to the office for a more detailed conversation.  We will be able to find the best option for cooperation and will be pleasantly surprised by the quality of service.

 Excellent solutions for long-term car rental in Dubai