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Do you want to rent a car for a six months?

This is simple:

  • Select one of the vehicles
  • Select a package
  • Sign a contract
  • Get a car



          Rent a car Dubai for a long time. Leasing a car in the UAE

      Daily to the United Arab Emirates there come thousands of guests – businessmen, leading experts of the enterprises and ordinary tourists. The reality opening to their eyes surpasses the most courageous expectations. Violently developing economy, hundreds of sights, dizzy shopping in infinite shopping centers, unlimited opportunities for development of business and active recreation – all this can force to change initial plans and to be late in the country for long term. In this case the service of long-term rent of the modern car for a period of half a year and more can be required by you. Choose any car from the modern park and plan affairs and free time without thinking about the scheme of work of public transport or an initial tourist route.

         During your long term stay in Dubai rent a car to see all the popular city sights!

From public transport – even such comfortable as in the Emirates, - it is possible to be tired quickly. In turn, purchase of a second-hand car for several months – it is troublesome and unprofitable. And in a situation if you have to leave the country before term, to sell the car at the favorable price it won't turn out. To incur similar losses after long and difficult documentary registration it would be very offensive. Besides, breakages, an insurance, service and other dificults of possession of the vehicle in the "nonnative" country add a headache. In such situation the service of long-term rent the car in Absolute Rent a Car combining benefit and comfort has no worthy alternative. Several minutes spent for the choice of the car and paperwork - and:

  1. the car, completely ready for operation, technically serviceable and with a package of documents is provided to you;

  2. you pay only for the received service and filling of the car with fuel;

  3. At any time you can return the car, without dealing with issues of search of the parking or sale of a car;

  4. you plan the day and a route of movement;

  5. you will manage to use the free time rationally;

  6. you don't spend precious rest-hours for search and expectation of public transport;

  7. At your disposal – all tourist sights and shopping centers which can be gone round in any convenient temporary mode;

  8. you will be able to make on surrounding the necessary impression of the active, wealthy and "advanced" guest.

    How to issue rent a car Dubai?

Any difficulties and documentary delays! For receiving the car in own order for long term it is enough to guest of the UAE to hold the passport, and also – the valid national and international rights. It is even simpler to citizens of the Emirates – to raise enough the passport and a claim from the moment of which delivery passed not less than a year, and any car from our vehicle fleet passes into your hands for necessary term.
The rights and the tenant's duties will be in details stated in the contract for long rent that will save you from unpleasant incidents and will make hire of the car a little expensive and very convenient.

           How favorable is long rent cars in Dubai?

And, of course, the prices – very pleasant against the background of traditional Asian luxury. We approach the matter taking into account wishes and interests of clients, and also – rent duration. Save on free movement about the country and don't worry concerning unplanned expenses, spending money only for gas station of the fuel tank. On it advantages of our cooperation aren't exhausted. We are glad to offer our guests and regular customers:

  1. the big choice from the modern cars corresponding to the most strict criteria of reliability because of professional servicing;

  2. Additional accessories and services in which there can be a need: a children's chair, the navigator, a stage and return of the car from any city of the Emirates;

  3. Flexible working hours with an opportunity for the client to receive and hand over a car in any suitable time.

    The long renting car in Dubai: how you can use our services?

It is possible to issue the order for long-term rent of the car until a landing of your plane on the hospitable earth of the Emirates. You call to us by telephone in Moscow, send the message by e-mail or by means of the popular WhatsApp service. And if you already are in the territory of the UAE, it is possible to dial the specified telephone number in Dubai or to approach directly in office. Be sure: we will find optimum ways for favorable and long-term cooperation on the basis of a priority of your interests. And is slightly lower, you can get acquainted in detail and in details with concrete models intended for long rent of cars in the UAE.



      The system of the emergency call – soon in all cars of Dubai. 17.10.17

      Today the Emirates break all records on the speed of response to road incidents. As a rule, the police appears on site road accident on average within 12 minutes from the moment of receipt of the relevant information. Nevertheless, the local road security service intends to reduce considerably by 2020 this indicator. Therefore, since the middle of the next year, all cars coming to the local market for sale or services of car-rental in Dubai will be equipped with the system of the emergency call. Now from the moment of incident before informing the nearest department of police there will pass only several seconds. In emergency situations when the account goes literally for minutes, the new system will help to save human lives and to exclude deterioration in a road situation at adverse road conditions – fog, heavy rains, etc.

     The new equipment is designed so that both the police authority and service of ambulance learned about the incident of road accident at the same time. The chip and the SIM card which are included in the system package are adjusted so those at blow of the information about the identity of the driver and the exact place of road accident are transferred to the notification panel in an automatic mode.

     Police officials of Dubai report that installation of system of the emergency call is obligatory only for the new cars imported into the country including – for trucks and buses. Owners of already operated vehicles can refuse an innovation, or – at own expense to get and install the equipment in own vehicle. Operation of system is absolutely free.


     Booking of transport in Dubai: now – through an online service. 12.10.17

      The new useful service was offered to residents of Dubai by local Management on roads and transport. For the first time presented at the technological Gitex "clever services" exhibition allow everyone to reserve for themselves and relatives the place in public transport – from the subway to the bus and also – by pilotless taxi which start is planned in the nearest future.

    That who hasn't managed to use service of rent of a car in Dubai yet and plans to move on the land or water transport, it is necessary to install the S'hail mobile application. The new platform allows to reserve quickly and at once to pay the place in the subway, the bus, the tram, the water bus or the "regular" taxi. That who uses maps Nol the system of loyalty nol Plus will allow receiving bonuses for movement on public transport. In the next months in the list of the CU for booking there will be also a pilotless flying taxi which recent tests have taken place successfully and have received good comments of experts.

      Among useful options of a mobile application – check of a condition of booking and specification of the schedule of flights and also – tracking of a route for the flying taxi. As soon as the car of the last arrives to a call, the client needs to enter data on a route on the interactive screen. The system of clever traffic lights in time switching the forbidding and allowing signals depending on length of the crossed road site will take care of safety of the pedestrians who have appeared on the way of the up-to-date taxi.

      One more news from Management on roads and transport will please drivers of vehicles. The new version of their professional mobile application integrated with the Salik service considerably simplifies process of payment of the parking and other services, allows to communicate with representatives of support service and also – to receive additional bonuses for each money transfer in the virtual mode. Also among useful options of service – informing on road accident, relevant fuel prices, an opportunity to book new cars rooms or to issue the application for replacement of the rights.

          Do you change automatic transmission for "mechanics" in Dubai? It isn't necessary to be retrained on the rights! 11.09.17 

       Pleasant news from the Dubai road and transport management concerns those who are going to replace cars from automatic transmission with the equipment with a mechanical box. Since October of the current year the drivers having the vehicle or plan renting car in Dubai shouldn't take an additional course in Road and transport management.

      As for change of the rights for control of car with automatic transmission, for this purpose it is necessary to pass test successfully. The main maintenance of questions will be concentrated on a design of "mechanics" and at work with it. If successfully to pass the test from the first it won't turn out, will offer the applicant an opportunity to improve the driver's skills by cars with a mechanical box then testing can be repeated.


       Instead of police officers – a car robots. 26.08.2017

      If you often move on routes of the UAE by own machine or you use services of rent of a car in Dubai, be ready to meet in the nearest future on the road  a car of robots - police officers. The unique technique will partially replace "ordinary people" already by the end of the current year. The car - the UAV equipped with the whole set of cameras on all perimeter will look out very carefully for possible problems on the road and to look for offenders for attraction them to responsibility. And when the charge of the robot will approach a zero mark, its electronic "owner" will be able to replenish at any charge station.

      Today, Dubai – the single city where the decision to transfer to electronic patrol of highways is made. Experts claim that by 2030 the share of a car of robots police officers will make about 30% of all guards of a road order.


         Dubai intends to change on electric vehicles. 28.08.17

     Emissions of a carbon dioxide gas from thousands of cars forced Dubai to take the most drastic measures on reduction of harm for megalopolis ecology. So, among relevant plans of local government – replacement of 10% of cars by electric vehicles by 2030. Gradual implementation of the project from current year will allow to reduce by 2020 emissions by 16% at once. Completely supporting the government initiative, the local utility company Dewa declared the determination to construct 100 more charging stations in addition to already existing and, thus, to finish their number to 200-t.

     Today electric vehicles on trasses of the Emirates – a rarity, not to mention parks of the companies offering services of car-rental in Dubai. For most of citizens it is very expensive pleasure. And here local government so doesn't consider and already bought several units of cars for the needs. Nevertheless, construction of charging stations continues – possibly, their owners are aimed at serious perspective. Besides the press reported about possible privileges for owners of electric vehicles more than once, and considerable number of new modern are among the "hybrids" equipped both petrol, and the electric motor.