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Airport at Dubai car rental | rent car in Dubai | Rent urus in dubai | Rent a car at Dubai airport and hire urus in Dubai on the


    Rent a car Dubai airport: the choice of vehicle

        Businessmen and tourists arriving to the Emirates in the framework of the "independent" travel, have their own to plan their movement in the country. Public transport is not always acceptable because of the limited routes in time and space. In turn, the taxi service will increase your expenses during the trip. And trying to save money on services illegal immigrants can become a threat to your safety. So if you eat right and enough driving experience, use the services of airport at Dubai car rental.

      This solution will allow you to get a more comfortable car for a period of any duration. With it, you will overcome a considerable distance, you will see all what you can admire in the Emirates, and successfully solve important business issues at the same time featuring low cut partners own respectability and punctuality.

             Can rent car in Dubai: vehicles of our fleet

       When it comes to choosing cars, the modern travelers and business people demonstrate increased rigor and demands. Therefore, to satisfy the most demanding taste, they are the leading car brands - Ford, Toyota, Hyundai, Mercedes, Nissan, Mazda, Honda, etc. various modifications: from traditional sedans to a respectable car and a powerful SUV. Priority in the use of light colors’ is justified by the need to protect the interior from overheating under the scorching rays of the southern sun. The spacious cabin is decorated with impeccable taste, the climate control will maintain a comfortable body temperature, and fuel consumption is efficient and acceptable accounts for the gas station.

 Dubai rent a car in the UAE for a long time

 What to look for when choosing a machine for temporary use?

    Review the following guidelines:

  • Your plans and intentions – the main thing is to focus. To travel long distances will approach the SUV, confidently flying through the expanse of desert and showing high speed on urban roads. A similar choice is done and those who intend to leave the UAE with many acquisitions. Here, by the way, will be a roomy trunk to fit dozens of purchases. Stylish sedan in light silver colors will appeal to businessmen who want to impress business partners and once again to subtly emphasize its strong financial position. But lovers of nightlife and beach activities enjoy the convertible. Walk on this car along the coast of the Persian Gulf will give an unforgettable experience.
  • To quickly navigate in our fleet will allow option of the filter. Select characteristics of the vehicle, which is considered a priority, and on the catalog page will show only those cars that meet your requirements.
  • Each car is positioned in the directory in several large photographs, accompanied by detailed description of the technical characteristics and options. You just have to make a choice and fill out the form for a reservation, which immediately will be considered.
  • The salons of our cars not only impress with quality finishes, and impeccable cleanliness and freshness. Therefore, to maintain these advantages, we ask that you refrain from Smoking while driving. Violation of this requirement entails a fine of 1000 dirham.

салон авто эконом класса

 In our company the most favorable and cheap rent of modern, serviceable cars in all territory of the UAE

     Please note: the cost of car use is inversely proportional to the duration of our contract. The longer term you select, the more profitable will be offered. So, you can apply for long term without fear of extra costs.

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     Call us now or send the message to the specified number What Sapp or email. We find the best option for your travel to the country, acceptable in matters of comfort and in terms of price.

 Use services of cheap rent a car at Dubai airport have yet to make many pleasant discoveries

Below we offer to Your attention the announcement of the latest news about automotive and automotive topics, which we will

      Approximate drivers of the Emirates received cars us a gift. 05.07.19


   The system of fines for various road violations in the United Arab Emirates is well-established and works practically without failures, timely replenishing the budget and instructing guilty drivers.  And how to encourage those who do not create emergency situations on the road and is characterized by impeccable driving discipline?  The solution was found in the Federal Road Traffic Council.  At the end of last year, more than 87 thousand people were selected, among whom valuable gifts were played out, including two cars.

     The system of awarding exemplary drivers operates according to a simple scheme.  Each motorist can get a month for two so-called white tags according to the results of accrued points for competent driving and observance of traffic rules.  It is necessary to allow at least some kind of violation, and points are not awarded.  If during the calendar year a motorist managed to score 24 tags, he is invited to participate in the raffle of gifts.  All of the above applies to both locals and foreigners who use their own cars or cars rented in Dubai to move around the country.

    Practical experience shows that the number of exemplary drivers is constantly growing.  So, at the end of 2017, there were only 65,000 people, and in 2018, already 87,000. With the help of a computer program, 3,600 car owners were selected among them, who were given good gifts.  And two residents of the country received a new car.

   In a speech to the press, the head of the Federal Council for Road Traffic and the Deputy Chief of Police of Dubai, Mohammed Saif al-Zafain, noted the high efficiency of the reward system with the help of white marks.  According to him, police departments in different cities of the country are constantly working to improve road safety.  At the same time, it is important not only to find and punish the guilty who created an emergency situation on the road, but also to note those who are able to move without disturbances and strictly follow the established traffic rules.

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     Emirates Airline gives passengers a transfer to the airport and to Dubai.  03.06.2019


       Another good news for residents and guests of the Emirates, soon going to visit the country.  If you purchased flight tickets from Emirates and are a user of the Uber application, pay attention to the offer of a free transfer on the day of departure or arrival throughout the summer.  

       The action for free delivery to or from the airport upon arrival in the country applies to passengers who have purchased tickets for premium economy class from June 2 to July 21, provided that the flight takes place no later than August 31, 2019.  Economy Flex Plus category tickets give you the right to two free trips to the territory of Dubai International Airport, the cost of which does not exceed 120 dirhams or $ 32.  If the passenger reserves Economy Flex tickets, he needs to pay only half of the cost of the transfer - 60 dirhams or $ 16, respectively.  Thus, it will be possible to save a lot and spend this money on daily rental of a modern car, for example, directly at the Dubai airport or several trips by public transport to the nearest tourist attractions.  

   The announcement with the details of the new action was announced on June 2 - as soon as it entered into force.  This offer of free transfer services is most welcome, all the more so since there has come a series of long weekends in the Emirates, and many citizens prefer to spend their free time outside the “home” state.  In addition, a considerable influx of tourists is expected in the country this summer during the summer months.  They, for sure, will also be pleased with the opportunity to get to the city from the airport in a comfortable car instead of a regular city bus.  

    The UAE is invariably leading in terms of guest service and the development of tourism infrastructure, so the steady growth of those who want to spend holidays here is not surprising.  And promotions for the free provision of transport services are not uncommon here.  Thus, at the end of May, all city parking lots, with the exception of large parking complexes, operated free of charge throughout Dubai.  Thus, it was possible to avoid traffic jams due to abandoned cars.



     Another luxury sports car adorned the Dubai police car fleet.  21.05.19


   The latest press release by the Dubai police forced the lovers of expensive and prestigious cars to envy.  Starting from May 13, Maserati GranTurismo entered the custody order.  Such a generous gift was presented by Al Tayer Motors.  Anyone can see the car in the photo and "live" to once again assess the capabilities of modern police in law enforcement.

  Indeed, there is something to admire.  460 hp V8 engine it has a volume of 4.7 liters.  A speed of 300km / h on such a machine is quite normal.  Moreover, starting from zero to hundreds takes a few seconds.  Now home-grown fans of high-speed driving and tourists who decide to ride a rented, for example, at a Dubai airport speed car, will be forced to follow the rules of the road.  They are unlikely to succeed in hiding as before - the Maserati GranTurismo will overtake any competitor on the road.  And the police, who slowly emerged from a comfortable cabin with air conditioning, will ask the unlucky racer a lot of unpleasant questions.  And, of course, not slow down to issue a large fine.

   It is worth noting that the new Maserati is not the first premium car successfully used to restore order on the streets and highways of the Emirates.  Today in the police fleet of Dubai there are Aston Martin, Bugatti Veyron, Bentley, McLaren and other cars, the names of which make the hearts of most car enthusiasts beat with increased speed.  So that the public would not have "unnecessary" questions, Major General Abdullah Khalifa Al-Marri, who runs the police in Dubai, explains the need to use expensive cars to patrol the prestigious tourist districts of the metropolis.  Thus, the number of police officers in difficult to work points can be increased several times.

     Abu Dhabi police are not far behind their colleagues from Dubai.  In their fleet presented Lykan Hypersport with a 3.7 liters engine, which accelerates to 100km from zero in just 2.8 seconds.  The cost of the car - "only" 3.5 million.  dollars.  There are only seven such cars in the world, and it is not planned to increase their number.  So the police of the Emirates can boast of exclusive cars that are actively used in socially useful work.


          New UAV Muse: 100% autonomy.  23.04.19  


    In an effort to achieve complete autonomy of the vehicle succeeded two companies from Dubai.  Recently, local enterprises W Motors and Iconiq Motors presented the Muse unmanned vehicle to the general public.  You can not just ride in it, but also live.  A fully electric vehicle has an integrated infotainment system and several useful onboard services.  Wide screens will allow you to spend time inside the car with benefit, resting or working.

     The premiere was able to evaluate all the visitors Auto Shanghai, recently held in the Emirates.  In a welcoming speech, the management of W Motors and Iconiq Motors told about the nearest plans for comprehensive testing of the new car.  His tests in the field or, more precisely, in desert conditions will take place in 2020.  If everything goes well, already in 2023, the production of Muse will begin at one of the plants of the Emirates.  It is likely that in a few years a new model of autonomous vehicle will be able to be appreciated by ordinary citizens who ordered a taxi for a considerable distance or rented modern, reliable cars in our capital for a long journey.

      Model developers have much to be proud of.  Among the most interesting innovations are state-of-the-art cyber security systems that allow you to work online without fear of data leakage.  You can view information on two large screens or four tablets.  The swiveling design of the front seats will easily turn the cabin into a small meeting room where you can discuss important issues without fear of being overheard.

    Speaking to the audience of Auto Shanghai, W Motors CEO Ralph Debbas confidently predicted a great future for electric vehicles. According to him, in 20 years their market share will be about 50%. Moreover, electric transport is becoming increasingly important due to the deterioration of the environmental situation in the world. Debbas said he was proud of his company's participation in activities aimed at reducing the harmful impact of transport on the environment. In addition, he opened the veil over the nearest plans of the company. Probably, soon the attention of a wide audience will be presented another model of electric car, developed with the latest technology.

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         Getting to Dubai Airport is now completely free.  17.04.19


    Good news for those who are planning to leave the Emirates in the near future for a trip abroad or a long trip.  From April 16, you can get to the Al Maktoum Airport (DWC) in Dubai for free.  The reason is quite clear - one of the lanes of Dubai International Airport (DXB) is being closed for reconstruction.  Accordingly, some flights are canceled and transferred to other local airports.  Sharply increased passenger traffic must be properly distributed, so that people do not feel inconvenience.  Therefore, a good decision was made to launch a new flight between airports for those who do not have personal transport or did not manage to order a city taxi.

   The bus schedule between the airports is based on the possible increase in the number of passengers depending on the time of departure.  Vehicles will run between stations every half hour, departing from the international airport from terminals 1-3.  Overhaul of the southern strip will last until May 30.  Knowing about the quality of work of the airport management, we can safely expect that during this period there will be no bus interruptions and all passengers will be delivered to the check-in point on time.  As for the DWC, the airport will have to perform 145 flights a day, taking and sending aircraft from the airlines FlyDubai, Aeroflot, Ural Airlines, Ukrainian International Airlines, as well as airplanes from the airlines of Kuwait and Nepal.

   It is worth noting that the increase in flights and the number of passengers will not affect the smooth operation of Al Maktoum Airport (DWC).  About this in his speech, said CEO Paul Griffiths.  Some time ago, measures were taken to optimize and distribute the load on personnel, computer and work equipment.  So, in the media in Dubai, an advertisement passed in advance asking the airport authorities to arrive at the check-in area at least 3 hours in advance.  In addition, it is recommended that passengers arriving in the metropolis check in the tickets for the airport of arrival and promptly book a car at an inexpensive rental.  And even earlier it was announced that the cost of a taxi to Al Maktoum Airport (DWC) was immediately reduced by 75% from 20 to 7 dirhams.

   The consent of the authorities to such measures once again confirms their concern for their citizens and their comfort.  Perhaps their experience will be adopted by other countries, whose air ports serve millions of passengers a year.

Our company is glad to all guests of the Arab Emirates

            Private UAVs will be attracted to carry passengers from Dubai Airport.  09.04.19  


          The new generation of passenger unmanned vehicles has found another worthy use.  Starting next year, unique vehicles will run between Dubai Airport and residential areas of the city, depending on the instructions of customers.  Two private drones are ready for operation, successfully passed a comprehensive test.  Models belong to the first class and guarantee not only safe, but also - the most comfortable movement in the airspace.

      It should be noted that only members of the Emirates Skywards Platinum program will be able to use the new service.  On their first flight, the vehicles will depart in April 2020.  Thus, urban taxis and low-cost rental of modern and reliable cars in the capital of the UAE have a worthy alternative, which is already predicted a great future.  Spacious interior, convenient navigation, minimum restrictions for the passenger - to move on such a vehicle is easy and very convenient.  Moreover, the airspace above the city is still completely free, and no interference from other road users is to be expected.

         The introduction of the latest generation of vehicles is not impossible; by the way, especially if you take into account the increasing passenger traffic at Dubai International Airport.  Taking care of the comfort of citizens and guests, and saving their time, the company's management strongly recommends arriving at the terminal no later than three hours before departure.  This is due to the launch of new international flights, because of which the load on the airport has become more tangible.  So, passengers who checked in an hour before departure and later risk simply not get on board.  In addition, to optimize the registration process, the corresponding online service opens two days before departure.  And in the airport building the service is available 6 hours before takeoff.  Now, thanks to the gradual introduction of new vehicles, traffic jams will not cause a delay in the flight.  If the cost of "UAVs" in the near future can be reduced, there is a chance to make this type of movement available to a wide range of passengers.

 All for the convenience of our customers!

   Payment of fines in Dubai is transferred online.  26.03.19


    Dubai again justifies the proud title of one of the most technologically advanced cities in the world.  The latest innovation concerns the payment of fines for offenses on the roads.  Starting from April 1 of the current year, car owners and citizens who have used the services of cheap car rental, including at Dubai airport, will be able to pay off the budget for penalties only online.

   This topic was devoted to a recent conference held at the Office of Roads and Transport of the city.  According to the director of the department of integrated quality management Sheikh Muhammad Abdullah Al Mullah, fines for violating traffic rules will be included in the number of services that will be paid only via the Internet.  Thus, it will be possible to unload and relieve the traffic departments and customer service units from unnecessary work. 

  But in this case it is not about reducing the burden on the specialists of these departments, but about ordinary citizens who are forced to spend personal time on trips to the instances and standing in line.  Transferring the scope of payment of fines to the virtual payments mode saves time for the “violators” and allows them to pay the budget on time and in a timely manner.  

  It should be noted that the innovation was developed taking into account the order of the Sheikh of the Emirates about a sharp reduction in public service clients by 70% at once.  At the same time, only 20% of citizens continue to use their services in the standard mode of live communication, while 80% of users actively use Internet technologies and all sorts of "smart systems" for making calculations.  Nevertheless, the authorities intend to further increase the number of "advanced" citizens.  The service of payment of fines is available immediately in seven languages, so problems with its use should not arise from the local population or the guests of the country who violated traffic rules.

    To clarify the rules of the new online service in the coming days will be launched the corresponding information campaign.  Moreover, the customer support service of the Department of Movement is ready to advice, when in person, anyone who turns for help

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       Payment for parking in Dubai: even easier than you would like.  05.03.19  


       Another innovation in the order of payment for parking in Dubai once again demonstrates the concern of the authorities for the citizens and numerous guests of the city.  It would seem that it could be even easier than a quick and guaranteed successful transfer of funds for the service via SMS messages?  However, there is no limit to perfection, and the system has been improved by the efforts of specialists from the Office of Roads and Transport of Dubai.  Now everyone, both residents of the metropolis and tourists who have taken a modern, economical car in Dubai from reliable companies for hire, can make a payment for parking without obligatory registration, which takes extra time.

     An important nuance: the possibility of paying for parking services via SMS extends not only to “local” cars registered in the Emirates, but also to cars registered in other countries of the Persian Gulf.  Thus, many travelers who decide to see the sights of Dubai, will not face the possible difficulties, deciding to pay for parking.  A few seconds with a mobile phone in hand - and payment will be made.

      It is worth noting that with its innovation, the Administration of roads and transport saves not only time, but also the money of motorists.  On holidays, when the majority of parkings in the city are working for free, everyone who wants to pay for the received service will receive a notification indicating the gratuitous nature of the work of parking stations.  Thus, a random calculation for a free service by an elderly person or an unknowing tourist will be completely excluded.  If, by mistake or intentionally, the money will still be transferred, the parking ticket received by the customer will be valid after the end of the holiday day.

      Without deception, transparently and very quickly – it is on these principles that the work of almost all payment systems associated with the organization of flows of personal and public transport in Dubai is based. And, for sure, improving the quality of SMS payment service is not the last in the list of optimization activities, which in the near future local authorities will please residents and guests of the metropolis.

tourists who have taken a modern, economical car in Dubai from reliable companies for hire


     New offer for Dubai residents: free taxi rides on a cumulative scoring system.  26.02.19


   Careem, one of the largest passenger services in Dubai, is launching a new loyalty program for its many customers.  Now for each trip they will earn points in a certain amount.  Having accumulated a sufficient amount, it will be possible to use one of the many Careem services, including travel by passenger cars, similar services for affordable rental of a modern car both in Dubai airport and throughout the UAE, as well as catering service, etc.  .  It is planned that about 33 million users who periodically use Careem services to solve everyday issues will be able to take advantage of the new scoring system.

   Providing customers with discounts and bonuses due to accumulated points is a popular international practice in various fields of activity.  And Careem is not its pioneer.  However, such an initiative, called Careem Rewards is the first in the region.  This was stated in a speech to the press by Mudassir Sheikh, co-founder and CEO of the company.  According to the first results of the use of the point system, customers who order Careem cars every day receive two free trips per month.  If the number of car exports for 30 days is 15 or more, the passenger is assigned the status of Careem Gold, he receives priority support and a bonus in the form of an increase in the amount of accumulated points by 50%.  In this case, you can take additional points with each appeal to Careem.  Ordering any services provided by the company today will contribute to the point bank.

     As for the use of accumulated bonuses, the decision of this issue remains at the discretion of the client.  It will not necessarily be free travel.  It is also possible to get food for yourself or a child in school, and also to participate in one of the many charitable programs that are in special demand among residents of the Emirates.  So, 2500 points will allow you to order food to school for the whole school day.  15,000 points are equivalent to the daily delivery of food throughout the work week.  And for 900 points you can take part in a campaign to protect wildlife - that is how much it will cost to plant a tree in the desert zone of Pakistan.

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           A new bridge to Expo 2020 has been launched in Dubai. 19.02.19


          Combining the pleasant and useful, at the same time having pleased the locals and tourists with tireless care and attention, is a popular measure in the Emirates.  Thus, on the eve of the large-scale exhibition Expo 2020, the Dubai Transport and Road Administration announced the opening of a bridge leading to the venue of the event.  The first cars went through a new coating on February 16, and today the traffic flow is confidently gaining momentum.  Evaluate the achievements of road construction will be able to both citizens and guests of the United Arab Emirates, who use the low-cost rental service of a reliable, modern car.  At their service are three lanes in each direction.  Arrangement of additional sites is carried out at an accelerated pace, and very soon the cars will be able to move in six lanes without worrying about possible traffic jams and traffic jams.

         The erection of a new bridge is part of a whole complex of events dedicated to preparing for Expo 2020. The Emirates intends not to lose face and surprise many guests with the thoughtfulness of every detail.  So, the works on the arrangement of new roads and supporting structures in the area of 27 km, through which you can get to the venue of the exhibition, are already actively underway.  At a press conference on the launch of the bridge, the management of the Dubai Road and Transportation Department reported that all work will be completed well before the opening date of the exhibition complexes.  This was made possible thanks to stable financing and construction management with a noticeable ahead of schedule.

Special attention to Expo 2020 is justified by the expectation of a huge number of guests.  According to preliminary estimates, their number will be 25 million people, which will significantly increase the load on the routes of Dubai.  In addition, do not forget about the duration of the exhibition.  Today it is known that its opening is scheduled for October 20 of the next year, and completion - for April 2021.  In 2020, for the first time in the world, the region of the Middle East, Africa and Southeast Asia became the venue for the exhibition.  Therefore, the management of the Emirates directs all forces to justify the confidence and provide guests with the most comfortable access to the exhibition area.

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          Drivers - gamers in Dubai again promise to punish large fines.  11.02.19


         Talking on a mobile phone behind the wheel for a long time no one is surprised.  Even the drivers of public transport, bearing increased responsibility for the life and health of passengers, spend time on the road with a tube near the ear, solving extraneous issues outside the sphere of their professional activities.  Love to chat at the wheel has not bypassed the residents of the Emirates, who own their car or use the service of inexpensive rental of various cars, including at Dubai airport.  Moreover, many motorists have an amazing ability to control the car while playing computer games.  Of course, the attention of such a gamer is not at all engaged in tracking the traffic situation, which often becomes the cause of an accident.  It is necessary to pay tribute to the local police - its employees decided to seriously deal with such a violation, punishing the gameplay drivers with large penalties.

        After summing up the results of the past 2018, the statistics of incidents on the streets of the cities of the Emirates were at the disposal of the police.  More than 12,000 fines issued for games and talking on mobile phones while driving, is a “talking” figure that makes one seriously think about what is happening and put a barrier to such violations.  Currently, the media and media again notify all car owners about the need to abandon their favorite gadgets while driving.  In addition, it is strictly forbidden to apply makeup, take pictures, have breakfast or lunch, and also - conduct correspondence using phones or tablets.

     Those who have an alternative opinion on this issue should prepare for unpleasant communication with the police and replenishing the local budget by a significant amount in dirhams.  In the Emirates, using a telephone while driving is considered a very serious violation.  The reason is clear: the car of this unfortunate gamer becomes almost unmanageable, because the driver’s attention is occupied by the game, like his hands, and he simply does not have time to react quickly to a difficult situation.  Therefore, at the same time with the increasing control on the roads and the practice of punishment for violators, the police decided to conduct active preventive work, hoping for an understanding of the local population and guests of the country.

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                A new smart application for the safety of school buses successfully operated in Dubai.  05.02.19


          For several months now, a new “smart” application has been running in Dubai’s school buses, designed to improve the safety of moving children on the roads of the metropolis.  And today, experts bravely sum up the first results, unanimously exposing the invention to the highest praise.  Given the busy traffic due to the huge number of private cars or rented, both cheap and expensive cars in Dubai, the efficiency of the application is obvious.  And the city is taking another serious step to improve traffic safety and its further optimization.

        The initiator of the launch of the new school bus application was the Dubai Highway Administration and Highway Administration (RTA).  Software called DTC School Bus is designed to inform parents about the movement of schoolchildren in the direction of the school.  Landing on the bus and getting out of it near the school - each of these events forms a separate notification transmitted to the phones of adults due to synchronization with the GPS satellite system.  Thus, parents can not worry that their child has not reached the place of study, "lost" somewhere in the vast metropolis.

          RTA employees involved in creating and launching smart applications say that the new technology is designed to ensure maximum safety for young road users.  Among other measures that allow you to quickly achieve your goal, is moving the engine stop button to the end of the cabin.  Now, before closing the bus and leaving it upon arrival at the place, the driver has to go to the end of the cabin, while checking that all young passengers leave the vehicle.  Such a decision eliminates the possibility for the child to remain in a locked cabin under the scorching sun for several hours, which can be a serious threat to his health and life.

        Among the future plans of RTA is the start of the annual inspection of school buses to monitor their technical condition and safety level.  In addition, the experts intend to verify that the drivers have the appropriate license, giving them the right to work in children's transport.

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        Emirates police: harsh everyday life and rare holidays.  09.01.19


        The work of the police departments of the United Arab Emirates is considered to be a role model.  The desire to ensure a safe living environment and the movement of citizens forces employees to take the most effective measures to prevent possible violations.  Those who live in the Emirates or came to the country on vacation, using the services of licensed companies providing modern and popular car rental services both in Dubai airport and throughout the UAE, probably paid attention to numerous signs and recommendations for citizens  optimal conditions for the use of vehicles.

        However, sometimes to avoid unpleasant incidents does not work.  One of the last cases is a real shootout chase, which unfortunately ended tragically.  On January 2, a local resident decided to use the Al Ain highway for working on complex tricks, despite other numerous traffic participants.  Of course, his actions could not go unnoticed thanks to CCTV cameras.  Police warnings had no effect; an attempt to stop the violator was also fruitless.  The police had to resort to an unprecedented measure — shots in the air, but even they did not stop the thrill-seeker.  Moreover, he perceived them as a threat to his own life and opened response fire at police cars.

      Distracted by the chase, the unfortunate driver forgot about the need to monitor the movement of his own car and crashed into the oncoming car.  Fortunately, no one was hurt in it, but the offender was hospitalized with serious injuries, from which he died a few hours later.  Nevertheless, despite his obvious guilt, the police have already apologized to the family of the deceased motorist and are now developing measures to prevent similar situations in the future.

     But there are pleasant moments in the life of the local police, although sometimes they are wrapped in an unattractive wrapper.  Recently, law enforcement officers had to participate in the detention of a violent tourist.  He not only behaved defiantly, but also gave a fight right in the hotel, and when he tried to detain he injured a police officer.  Later, having come to his senses, the offender brought his sincere apologies to the law enforcement officers and assured them of his trustworthiness.  The incident ended with a mutual exchange of courtesies and even the delivery of a bouquet of flowers to the violator as compensation for the inconvenience. 

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      Rent Urus in Dubai: a great opportunity to tame the animal instinct in a metal shell.  18.12.18


         The traditions of Spanish bullfighting unexpectedly found their continuation in the model range of new products from Lamborghini.  It is difficult to say what attracted developers to such an unusual direction, but the fact remains.  The latest models of cars, decorated with the Lamborghini logo, bear the names of the most famous bulls, which were followed by thousands of loyal fans.  And the new crossover, named Urus, once again reminded of the "animal" origin of its famous predecessors.  At the same time, he is not going to hide in their shadows and boldly presents his numerous merits to the discerning connoisseurs.  

        Participation in bullfighting requires composure and cunning, lulling the enemy.  Lambo Urus is outwardly deceptive - visual compact size, in fact, "poured" into 5.1m length and 2m width, which can hardly be called a miniature solution.  To achieve external harmony allowed unusual "graphic" strokes on the body, making the crossover "muscular".  Due to the impressive size of the cabin is more than spacious, and the trunk received a volume of 616 liters.  Few?  Second-row sports seats fold easily, and 1600l of free space is at your disposal.  At the same time the car weighs only 2200kg.  The secret is in aluminum, from the alloy of which the body is made and the multi-link suspension system of the MLB Evo platform chassis, which has become the basis of the crossover.

        The car is ready to show its indomitable temper from the first minutes of control.  Acceleration of this metal monster from zero to hundreds takes only - 3.5 seconds.  This is 0.6sec less than the famous Bentley Bentayga, which until recently had the title of leader in terms of launch speed.  And to achieve maximum speed will allow two turbine V8 engine to four liters, giving 650 hp  and 850 torque up to 4500 rpm.  For those who frequently experience mood swings or travel a lot around the world, the developers offer six modes of movement - Highway, Sport, Race, Sand, Soil and Snow.  The choice automatically reconfigures the work of the main units of the car, ensuring their well-coordinated work and, as a result, exceptional performance under each mode.

     You can experience all the power and indomitable energy of strong and aggressive animals using the Absolute Rent A Car offer.  Here you are offered to hire urus in Dubai - profitable, comfortable and as long as your plans to stay in the country require.  For more information  for rent or hire of Lamborghini Urus in Dubai, call the indicated numbers.

Rent Urus in Dubai: a great opportunity to tame the animal instinct in a metal shell


     In Dubai, a new toll road opens.  03.11.18 

     The experience of introducing toll roads in the United Arab Emirates has been recognized as more than successful.  The low fare is more than offset by the opportunity to enjoy a relatively high speed and a soft car ride on the new surface of impeccable quality.  Therefore, the work on the introduction of toll routes continues steadily.  So, a few days ago, the next post began its work, which charges motorists for payment of the fare through the Salik system.  Residents of the metropolis have already appreciated its benefits.  And those who are planning to come to the country and use services of cheap rent a car at Dubai airport have yet to make many pleasant discoveries.  And at the same time - to note the concern of the authorities about safe and comfortable movement.

      The new toll section is located on the Shaikh Zayed road in Jebel Ali, near Energy Metro.  The first cars drove through it on October 24th.  The wide road, free from traffic jams and allowing moving at a comfortable speed, quickly became popular.  Especially since for the entrance to the paid section of the route you need to pay quite a bit - 4 dirhams, or 1.1 dollars.

     The paid section of the route is the third on Shaikh Zayed Road and the seventh on the entire territory of Dubai.  The fee is charged at the entrance in two directions using the Salik tag tags, which gave the name to the electronic toll road system.  The amount is automatically debited from the electronic account of the owner immediately after the start of the movement.

      The choice in favor of Shaikh Zayed Road when planning the placement of new paid sites in Dubai is not accidental.  The track is recognized as one of the busiest in the city, so traffic jams and obstructed traffic on weekends and holidays became commonplace for her.  Introduction of payment for traffic on the highway will, firstly, relieve the road and make traffic safer.  In addition, it is planned to interest citizens in using public transport, more efficient when it comes to relocating a significant number of people during peak hours.  The possibilities of the metro and 12 bus routes operating in the direction of Shaikh Zayed Road at the present time are quite enough for comfortable and unhindered movement around the city.  Representatives of the Department of Transport and Roads are confident that toll sections of the road will be able to accept up to 25% of the total volume of passenger vehicles moving daily on the highway.


      Online technology in Dubai: everything to improve the lives of motorists.  23.10.18


Dubai authorities do not get tired to please the guests and residents of the metropolis with pleasant innovations associated with the active use of modern Internet services.  For example, at the recent Gitex Technology Week, the Dubai Road and Transportation Authority (RTA) announced the launch of a new virtual application for booking parking spaces.  Such an insignificant, but very pleasant trifle is intended to simplify visits to places of shopping and mass recreation on holidays and weekends, when lots of parking places are packed with private vehicles.  Now, going to the city for shopping or using cheap rental cars services in the UAE, you will not wrestle with where to leave the car for the next couple of hours.  Upon arrival at the place, you will be waited by a selected and paid in advance section of the parking lot, which no one else will take.

A new virtual parking booking application is available on all digital devices with Android OS.  Also currently being finalized service for all iOS-devices.  So far, for the period of introduction of the new technology, it is possible to book a parking space only in the areas of Dubai Marina and Dubai Media City.  Here is concentrated the maximum number of places to visit tourists and city residents.  In the near future, the service will be extended to several more popular metropolitan areas.

As for payment, it is quite democratic - 10 dirhams per hour, starting from the first minute.  You can enter the required amount using a debit or credit card.  Restrictions on the date and duration of the reservation are not provided.  Therefore, you can make a request a few days before the expected trip or arrival in the country to avoid unpleasant surprises in the form of busy parking areas and tedious waiting.

Also, the Gitex Technology Week is marked by several more pleasant innovations.  Among them is the updated version of S'hail to pay for places in the city’s transport, the new Nol Plus loyalty program for public transport passengers and the Mahbob automated chat bots system for communication with customers of the Transport and Road Management Department.


     The construction of the bridge of Shindag in Dubai has been started.  03.06.18

       The project on development of the transport highway of Dubai is designed to optimize the movement within the boundaries of the megalopolis and beyond, and also - to help the townspeople forget about many kilometers traffic jams on weekends and at rush hour.  In addition, it is planned to unload the central streets and redirect the car flow on a new, alternative route.  Given the importance of the tasks set, it is not surprising that several billion dirhams are planned to be spent on the implementation of the plan, an amount that is serious even for a secured Middle Eastern country.

    The main "figurant" of the new project to improve the quality of transport communication in Dubai was the Shindag Bridge.  The bookmark was held a few days ago with the personal participation of Sheikh Mohammed ibn Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President, and Prime Minister of the UAE and the ruler of Dubai.  In his speech before the audience gathered, the cost of implementing the new idea was announced - almost 400 million dirhams, while the overall plan for optimizing the Dubai road system will "fit" into 5 billion dirhams.  High-ranking officials of the city and the country took part in the laying of the first stone on the construction site.  The bridge is the final part of the corridor construction project, the remaining "component" activities have already been completed, and the facilities are being prepared for commissioning in the very near future.

      According to the plan of the builders, the Shindag Bridge will become the main part of the corridor of the same name.  Its length is 13 km along the streets of Sheikh Rashid, Al Mina, Al Khaled and Cairo.  The span is 295 m, where 150 m pass over the sleeve of Dubai Creek.  In each direction there are 6 lanes for traffic that cross the pedestrian crossing.

     A distinctive feature of the new bridge is the arch in the form of a sign of infinity.  Thus, the length and spaciousness of the new route will be unobtrusively emphasized.  Some witticisms state that the "sign of the fallen eight" in the context of the construction of such a grandiose bridge is a symbol of the "infinite" huge costs invested in the implementation of the project.  In any case, it can not do without it - the number of personal  rental cars rented in the UAE is increasing year by year, creating serious problems in the streets of the metropolis.


     With the onset of Ramadan in Dubai, the number of accidents is dramatically increasing.  22.05.18 

      The disappointing statistics of recent years show that with the advent of the month of Ramadan, the number of car accidents in Dubai and the UAE as a whole is increasing several times.  Large-scale research initiated by the organization RoadSafetyUAE, allowed analyzing more than 1600 accidents on the roads only last year.  Experts were able to draw up a detailed temporary and sex-age picture of emergency situations.  On its basis, you can offer useful advice to anyone who intends to spend the days of Ramadan driving their own car or a car, rented in Dubai. 

    As the information of the protocols showed from the accident site, citizens more than 40 years old become their most frequent participants, whereas drivers of 20-35 years act as participants of such situations much less often.  Road accidents involving men occupy about 80% of the total number of accidents - probably the cause of this phenomenon is the aggressive driving style and reluctance to give way to a neighboring car.  Women get into unpleasant situations on the track quite rarely, in most cases - because of inattention and inability to make quick decisions in a difficult situation.

      Interesting information is given by statistics on nationalities: almost half of the accidents occur due to the fault of immigrants from India, the local population "initiates" about 14% of the road accident - as many as the citizens from Pakistan.  The next place in the ranking is occupied by the Egyptians and Jordanians.  As for the time of emergency situations, the overwhelming majority of them occur during rush hours, when citizens rush to work or home, showing impatience and other negative character traits.  Most of the troubles on the roads happen on Tuesday, while on Saturday on the tracks are almost quiet. 

     In his speech to the press, the managing director of RoadSafetyUAE Thomas Edelmann noted that during Ramadan, the behavior of drivers on the roads of the country is changing for the worse in the most surprising way.  Therefore, during holidays, the danger for car owners and pedestrians increases several times.  Thomas Edelmann urged drivers to show more patience and not to forget about observance of traffic rules to spend weekends with relatives, instead of in police management.


     New filling stations in Dubai: fuel of the future - wholesale and retail.  7.05.18

     The Union of Companies of Emirates National Oil Company, working in the field of the supply of combustible energy resources, intends to surprise all the participants of the World Expo-2020, which is planned to be held in Dubai.  In the next two years futuristic filling stations will be built in different parts of the metropolis, specializing in various types of modern fuels.  Thus, any car - private, rented in Dubai or super-modern, just acquired by a rich sheikh at the auction, can easily replenish the reserves of gasoline, electricity or hydrogen for a relatively affordable fee.

      Engineers involved in designing a new facility will have a lot of work to do.  On the territory of the stations it is necessary to envisage a number of facilities offering replenishment of stocks of various types of fuel - liquid, gaseous or energy resources.  At the same time, it is necessary to think over the issues of safety of joint location and storage of chemicals, as well as to provide a free access to refueling at the same time a large number of cars.

       The goals of the construction of new gas stations were announced during a press conference on the plans and achievements of the Emirates National Oil Company.  First of all, switching to alternative fuels will help in saving valuable energy resources of the planet, the intensive use of which adversely affects the environmental situation in the country and in the world as a whole.  In addition, with the help of new services for motorists, the country will once again prove its superiority in the issues of successful implementation of innovative technical solutions.  The business component of the new project also matters: simultaneously with the realization of the fuel, the owners of Emirates National Oil Company will open a whole network of express stores Zoom directly on the territory of the exhibition complex, whose number of visitors is tens of thousands daily.

     The previous high-profile project Emirates National Oil Company - a solar-powered filling station - has already proved its effectiveness.  Its power is sufficient not only for the functioning of the facility itself, but also for a significant contribution to the mega city energy system.


airport at Dubai car rental


       On vehicles in the UAE, alarm notification systems will be installed.  18.04.18


        The desire to make roads in the Emirates as safe as possible for drivers has already caused a number of interesting and progressive innovations initiated by the local traffic security service.  Today, in the most active work - a new measure to introduce an electronic communication system on each unit of vehicles, including - on modern cars, offered for rent in Dubai and in Abu Dhabi.  Last week, the OAU Cabinet examined and approved the technical regulations of the Standardization and Metrology Service (ESMA), dedicated to automating the call of road services in the event of an emergency.  Thanks to the novelty, the length of response of policemen to the incoming call will be reduced by 40% and will not exceed 10 minutes. 

      In his speech to the press, Abdullah Al Maini, head of the standardization service, said that the new ECall warning system will be installed on all new cars, starting in 2021.  The equipment itself has no analogues in the Middle East, successfully passing complex tests and repeatedly demonstrating operational and trouble-free operation.  The vehicle is configured in such a way that when a car collides or when a vehicle strikes an obstacle, a message of the appropriate content is immediately sent through the mobile communication network of the driver to the nearest emergency center.  Thus, in a few minutes the police will be in place and will be able to understand what happened. 

    According to the management of the Standardization Service, the development of a new warning system took more than three years.  State-owned and private enterprises, as well as a number of large transport companies, took part in designing and testing the quality of new devices.  In the course of the project implementation, the European and Russian experience was taken into account for the implementation of ECall and ERA-GLONASS systems, which are compatible with each other and that allow to effectively monitor the traffic situation anywhere in the country.  In the Emirates, the design and development of warning devices has been constantly covered in the press since 2016, so the new project did not become an unexpected surprise for motorists.


Lamborghini Huracan for rent in Dubai


    Lamborghini Huracan LP-610-4.  In a rich country - on luxury car 04.04.18

     How we can surprise a tourist who comes to the respectable Emirates?  Perhaps, one of the most vivid impressions is a lot of expensive cars, as if descended from the catalogs of the world's leading concerns.  It would be insulting to admire them, sitting in a bus or an inexpensive taxi, even with soft seats and air conditioning.  We offer residents and guests of the UAE just ... get behind the wheel of the Lamborghini Huracan LP-610-4.  This is not a joke - a new car appeared in the fleet of our company "Absolute Rent a Car" a few days ago, in response to the wishes of customers and with the aim of improving the quality and expanding the range of our services.  Bright color, ultramodern design, impeccable dynamics and safety - the car has everything to conquer the heart of a real connoisseur from the first second.

    Why should you rent Lamborghini Huracan in Dubai?

       The answer is obvious.  The all-wheel drive sports coupe Lamborghini Huracan was replaced by the notorious Gallardo.  The differences of the models are significant - because before the first car came off the assembly line, its design was literally perfected.  Reduced the drag, increased by 50% down force, 610 "horses" under the hood in the engine volume of 5.2 liters - this is just the tip of the huge iceberg of the advantages of a super car.  Accelerating from zero to "hundreds" in just 3.2 seconds, the car goes flawlessly - of course, taking into account the same state of local routes.  A convinced "Technics" who prefer to thoroughly understand the design of the vehicle will be pleased with:

  •  the seven-step robotized control unit with three operating modes;
  •  carbon-ceramic brakes and four piston brake calipers for super fast and safe braking;
  •  increased rigidity of the chassis by 40%;
  •  airbags and protection system, including from side impact; 
  •  Numerous additional options: electric seats, Hands free, navigation system, audio system and much more.

     If you dream to conquer the desert and enjoy the landscapes of the super modern mega cities of the Emirates from the window of a respectable car of the last generation - for example, Ferrari, our proposal in the context of Lamborghini will be very relevant.   Better Lamborghini can only be a Ferrari, and better than Ferrari only Lamborghini. Lamborghini Huracan for rent in Dubai  -  it is a mass of new vivid impressions, fast and comfortable travel around the country, the opportunity to further emphasize your image and see everything that tourist guides offer on the UAE.  In addition, it is very profitable: the price of rent Lamborghini in Dubai in our company is - 2900AED per day or 16000 per week.  Lamborghini Huracan - a new quality of your holiday!

     Rent Lamborghini Huracan LP-610-4 – new quality your vacation!         


      In the Emirates, the replacement of license plates for cars began.  04.03.18

      The administration of roads and transport of the United Arab Emirates is going through a difficult stage of the next reform.  During the event, it is planned to replace all license plates of vehicles.  Given the significant number of private cars and cars offered in Dubai for rent and other cities in the country, it becomes clear the scale of what is happening and the possible difficulties that road officials will face. 

     At the present time, special license plates are being replaced regardless of their series.  Within a month, the reform will affect all other car owners, but first of all those whose car numbers start with letters A, B and C. A complete replacement is planned to be completed within the next few years - this is a necessity fixed at the legislative level, the number will not be changed. 

     The main reason that necessitated number reform was the introduction of double series and a change in the design of the signs on which the mega polis logo appeared in black, white or color, depending on the background.  Taking into account possible problems of control over an increasing number of vehicles, the specialists of the Roads and Transport Department developed a new model for the production of license plates, resulting in a number of double-numbered samples. 

    Since this situation does not in any way contribute to the accuracy of accounting, it was decided to unify all the numbers and bring them to a single sample by replacement.  In his speech to reporters and all interested citizens, the Director of the Office for Roads and Transport Sultan Al Marzuki told about the planned order of changing rooms and their approximate cost.  So, at the present time the signs of the D, E, F, G, H and I series are being changed, and already in 2020 the reform will concern motorists whose cars have the signs of the series J, K, L, M, N and O. All the rest, who did not have time to replace the number, will be able to do so in the beginning of 2021. 

       As for the cost of license plates, it depends on the style and design of the sample.  The model with a black and white logo will cost 35 dirhams, and for a color model you will have to pay 400 dirhams - respectively 10 and 108 US dollars.

 rent a car economy class in the UAE on the most favorable terms in the company absolute!

        The new museum Louvre in the Emirates becomes even more available to all fan of art. 21.02.2018

       Opening of branch of the world famous museum Louvre in the territory of the Emirates became a milestone event in cultural life of this Middle Eastern country. The gallery of masterpieces of art can't complain of absence of visitors – judges of different age, from school students to elderly couples come here. Nevertheless, the decision to stir public interest in new cultural institution was made. For this purpose on the route E11 between Abu Dhabi and Dubai exposure on a roadside was unrolled. Throughout 100 km of the road huge billboards where pictures of masterpieces of Louvre in exclusively high quality are placed are established. Owners of private vehicles, tourists on huge sightseeing buses, clients of services of renting  modern cars in the UAE - all of them had now a real opportunity to make an excursion on showrooms of the museum, without leaving cozy salon.

It is possible to call the first reviews of new exposure safely enthusiastic – locals and guests of the country estimated care of the authorities. The same who wishes to learn as much as possible about exhibits and their history can obtain exhaustive information thanks to popular radio stations. It is enough to adjust the radio tape recorder in the car on the frequency of Radio 1 FM (100.5 FM), Classic FM (91.6 FM) or Emarat FM (95.8 FM) that on an entrance the smart equipment connected the corresponding audio roller to the next stand in English or Arabic. Thus, viewing of exposure through glass of the car will be followed by an interesting excursion. The driver needs only to collect all attention not to distract from a road situation, having listened with delight to history of creation of the next masterpiece of world culture.

      For those who still didn't manage to go to the museum all conditions are for this purpose created today. In the next few days it is going to start a new bus route No. 94 which will quickly bring everyone directly to doors of the museum. The trip will cost only 2 dirhams. It is possible to pay the road with cash or the hafilat card.

        The museum Louvre Abu Dhabi was open on November 11, 2017. Exposures are collected in 12 galleries integrating works of different times, cultures and the people.

    For illegal resale put in prison. 28.01.18

     Numerous motorists of the Emirates discuss the high-profile criminal case concerning plunder and illegal implementation of a private property. At once nine people are sentenced by court to long prison terms. Their wine – resale of the expensive cars leased. Upsets that not all newly made buyers attended to check the property rights of sellers. And now they should spend a lot of time to try to return the means paid swindlers for the right to own a magnificent car.

    More than seven million dirhams, or almost two million dollars – such sum fell into hands of the illegal businessmen who decided to profit at the expense of others. Nine people tried to earn a long time, making out lease of cars in Dubai and other cities then – looked for on them solvent and not too scrupulous buyers. At the same time the gang worked for export – announcements of sale of luxury vehicles moved abroad. Thus, the vigilance of future owners that those didn't begin to demand to show documents for purchase was possible to deceive. Interest in the illegal offer to buy a car was stirred by rather affordable prices – lower, than in salons of official sellers. The similar problem can arise with services of economy car rental companies in the UAE.

   Once tribute pays to tastes a grief of sellers – their attention was drawn only by premium class cars. Among them – the Lamborghini, Range Rover, Mercedes and Nissan brands. The scheme of criminal activity was fulfilled to trifles. In the beginning the car went to accomplices who forged customs documents. Thus, there was a "new" vehicle which then left abroad to the new buyer.

    Following the results of criminal case all his persons involved sat down at a grid for a period of 1 up to 10 years, depending on extent of participation in illegal business. After serving sentence those who aren't a citizen of the Emirates will be compulsorily deported home. Besides, the court decided to confiscate all hijacked and sold cars and also – the counterfeit documents processed to them.



        Another auction for sale of number boards: for those who want to declare himself. 22.01.18

         Motorists of Dubai with impatience expect the beginning next – the 51st – an auction for sale of number boards of a new series. For secure citizens it is an opportunity to allocate the car on the road and to spend money "for public", and for others – curiosity and desire to receive a portion of news to discussion at work and friendly parties. The beginning of registration for participation in an auction is appointed to January 21, and everyone still has time to make the decision on the matter and then – to send to organizers of an action the relevant personal information.
In license control agency on roads and transport of Dubai (RTA) told about what new is expected at the forthcoming auction. 250 signs from the 3rd, 4 or 5 digits will be offered for sale at once. All of them treat the last prestigious series designated by the English letters in alphabetical order from N to T. They can be seen only on private cars as services of rental cars in Dubai will hardly be spent for purchase of special numbers for the vehicle fleet.
        The start of auction is appointed to 8 o'clock in the morning on January 28, 2018. The action wills last five days – according to organizers, it is enough that all 250 lots were bought up. According to the director of licensing of vehicles.
Sultan Al Marzouki, the forthcoming auction, as well as his predecessors, will become the real event for automobile fans, allowing them it is easy to get elite number board and also – for the general public which is interested in loud secular news.
        As always, it wasn't without high technologies. For participation in an auction it is necessary to create the personal account on the website of Management of highways. Registration is available only to owners of the private car which was registered by Dubai or to owners of the Dubai driver's licenses. Without fail it is necessary to confirm own solvency and to pay for participation in an auction – to provide the control check for 5 thousand dirhams and to bring it in one of the client centers. The winner of an auction needs to grant the required sum cash or according to the card for the acquired number within 10 days from the moment of closing. Otherwise, its data will be included in the register of non-payers.


       I ntroduction of the VAT in the Emirates became the reason of increasing the cost of the parking. 23.12.17.

         Introduction since January, 2018 of a value added tax will surely cause of increasing  prices for goods and services. This factor acted as a stumbling block on the way of tax reform for the country leaders caring for welfare of citizens. However the rigid economic realities which have concerned States have forced to make this tough decision nevertheless. And now all motorists and that who uses services of cheap rent of a car in Dubai airport should reconcile to a thought of increasing the payment for the parking. Of course, such overpayment is insignificant. However the citizens wishing to express to the tax system of the Emirates, have received an additional subject for a talk which can be developed infinitely.
       The legislation unambiguously expresses about a tax innovation: the payment for a parking in the territory of commercial buildings and houses is an object for charge of the VAT. At the same time experts pay attention to that fact that collection of a tax will be carried out only in case payments for the parking are charged separately, but don't join in the total cost of the rent. Thus, the double taxation is excluded. And those citizens who pay rent of the house or commercial building for one account can not be afraid of additional expenses.
         As for directly parkings built in public places, their owners will raise a tax on the end user using the offered service. If this object of business is leased, in the contract it is possible "to shift" a new tax on the tenant's shoulders. In this case the payment is made not by the owner, but the person gaining income from the parking.
        It should be noted that public transport of the Emirates can be exempted from need of payment of the VAT for services of the parking. The matter is under consideration so far, and the decision on him will be passed in the next few days, before new tax 2018. Certainly, the reached agreement will be in details explained in the relevant legislative documents available to future taxpayers.



Traffic jams at Dubai of Mall: really black Friday for drivers. 02.12.17

   The sale of popular brands with huge discounts at the end of November already became tradition in many countries of the world. The Emirates with their numerous shopping centers – not an exception. In last days off the country called paradise for fans of inexpensive shopping by force was influenced by all delights of the "black Friday" which is widely advertised in all large cities of the world and in the Internet space. Three days of a mega-sale caused in Dubai an unknown stir when thousands of families on personal cars moved towards the main shopping center of the city – well-known Dubai to Mall. Very quickly because of huge accumulation of cars the huge stopper which it was possible to leave only within several hours was formed here.
   Local police was quickly reacted to current situation and took all measures not to allow its deterioration. First of all, the effective notification through social networks for all owners of the individual transport and those who were at airport in Dubai and planning  to rent a car was adjusted. In the message citizens were informed on a difficult road situation to Dubai Mall that allowed lowering car traffic. Besides, after the timely notification, many families could postpone shopping time to later hours when a flow of visitors becomes notable less. In many respects thanks to work of police it was succeeded to avoid large road incidents and unpleasant incidents in work of the parking of shopping center.
   Traffic jams at Dubai of Mall already became the constant phenomenon. Huge shopping center with a set of shops and amusement parks it becomes the general center of rest for secure locals and thousands of tourists. Therefore on the weekend it is possible to see crowds of the people here. And the multi-storey parking is completely filled, and new guests should wait long to take a vacant place. There is no wonder – more than 1200 shops, 200 restaurants and cafe, Movie Theater on 22 screens and the well-known aquarium of the huge sizes don't allow leaving quickly shopping center, and normal family rest quite often takes the whole day here. Possibly, in the near future … authorities should construct at Dubai Moll one more parking center and to think of expansion of the route conducting to shopping center.


    New yellow BMW M3 is provided to buyers from the UAE. 24.09.17

        Clients from the Emirates are famous for the financial security and aspiration to purchase of magnificent cars. Especially for them the German BMW brand developed original model of the yellow M3 car. The unique sports car – result of the strengthened work of engineers and designers who managed to improve considerably a number of performance data of the car, first of all – the power and dynamics.

        You will hardly meet such car in service of rent of a car in Dubai cheap – its cost is rather high. However for the money the owner gets chance to test and evaluate the M Performance exhaust system, adaptation to the movement at the increased speed at the expense of the strengthened rear clip and also - the rims copied from the M4 GTS model with corporate labels M Performance. Additional pleasant bonuses – carboxylic inserts and the system of vectorization of a torsion torque. And, of course, - bright yellow color in which the body is painted and in which lines on chairs are executed.


   Requirements to toning of cars in the UAE became softer. 18.09.17

       Dense toning of automobile glasses in the southern countries – real chance to escape from a heat when air temperature reaches a point in 45-50C. Possibly, this reason was the cause for mitigation of rules of toning of the individual transport and the cars offered within services of cheap car-rental in Dubai. Until recently the limit made 30% whereas today its level is increased to a mark of 50%.

    The major general Muhammad Saif Al Zafeyn, the representative of police of Dubai reported that all cars, except for trucks, including – office and leased transport have the right for dense toning. It is possible to tint all glasses, except wind. New legislative decision positively ordinary citizens. Until recently the penalty for "serious" toning made about 400 US dollars. Today, toning of glasses in the car – the only opportunity to achieve overall performance of the auto conditioner and decrease in air temperature in salon.


        In the UAE NIVA from   Kazakhstan are successfully   sale. 06.09.17

       To the car Lada 4х4 o dropped out huge honor to be influenced by sand of the desert and the heated air of tropics. The "BIPEK of the CAR — ASIA the CAR" group of companies decided to adjust export of the products to China and the Emirates. The choice of the first country is clear – the new car is waited by the numerous Chinese audiences which is usually choosing inexpensive price options. But it seemed to much surprising why as the second direction the secure UAE are chosen – here on roads luxury cars of release of the leading European brands which cost is calculated by hundreds of thousands of dollars have a priority.

        Nevertheless, the first attempts of sales inspire optimism – the car is in demand both for individuals, and for services of rent of a car at the airport of Dubai. At the same time its export cost is slightly higher than internal – the difference makes about 600 dollars. On condition of deliveries about 2000 cars a year profit for the seller becomes even more notable.


        Services of transportations in the Emirates won't be assessed with the VAT. 03.09.17

       Since1of January 2018 the system of the taxation of the Emirates is waited by serious changes. Legislators have provided input of a value added tax of 5% for a number of goods and services. It is planned that the first year of reform about 12 billion dirham will bring in the budget.

         However ordinary inhabitants will practically not feel an innovation because of increase in prices – it is provided that food and basic medical services will remain free from a new tax. Are also excluded from the list of subjects to the taxation the sold or leased housing and education. Besides, the VAT won't concern local passenger transport – the subway and the taxi, and their cost will remain invariable. Therefore if you haven't managed to use service of car-rental at the airport of Dubai yet, you shouldn't be afraid of an overpayment for use of public transport


         New electric vehicles – already in all regions of the Emirates.31.08.17

       The first residents of Abu Dhabi and Dubai could see and estimate the new electric vehicles adopted in the Emirates. There have passed several years, and this summer the first charging station has been put into operation in the smallest emirate on the area – Adzhman. The region located in the north of the country we intend to attach to a technological novelty therefore in the next years about 50 charging stations – both state, and private will be built here as soon as possible.

        Despite high cost of electric vehicles and impossibility to hire them in service of car rent Dubai , the number of their owners steadily grows. For this reason in the closest plans of road management – construction  about 200 charging stations through the whole country. It is possible to raise charge level to 100% of a mark during from 20 to 40 minutes, depending on power consumption of the concrete car. At the same time in Dubai for stimulation of transition to a new type of transport it is planned to introduce the whole system of privileges for owners of electric vehicles.


       In Dubai the police reacts to calls with a high speed. 17.082017

       No more than 12 minutes it is necessary for police officers of Dubai to arrive to the scene after receiving the corresponding call. The monitoring which is carried out in the second quarter of the current year has gives the following results: 90% of urgent calls are processed within 11 and a half minutes, regardless of time and intensity of receipt. According to the management of local police department, similar results are worthy the appreciation. So, the purpose on processing of 90% of calls within no more than 15 minutes can be considered reached. At the same time the general growth of number of calls according to the emergency numbers of police in comparison with the same period of last year approximately for 21% is noted.

      One more achievement of police of Dubai - the fulfilled practice of fixing of small violations on roads of the megalopolis without call of police. Thanks to simplification of the procedure and active work with the public, participants of insignificant incidents – both residents, and the tourists who have rent a car at the airport of Dubai - can manage now by own forces, without involving police officers in settlement of ordinary incidents.


     The legislation of working pilotless transport in Dubai is completely settled. 19.08.2017

     Specialists of Management in standardization and metrology did considerable work and made the whole list of requirements to the pilotless vehicles planned to start on the big streets of Dubai. Each trifle found the reflection in new documents: questions of reliability and safety, communication system, infrastructure, questions of service and maintenance, obligation of producers and owners. The administration of the department notes that new standards are completely adapted under the order of the government on improvement of quality of work of transport with the purpose to make it a standard for all countries of the world. 

      On UAVs specialists in the field of vehicles, telecommunication, local police and road authority took part in development of new acts. In November it is going to hold the first conference to which representatives of the companies on production of pilotless vehicles will be invited. Electric vehicles of Tesla at the price of 76 thousand dollars will be the first sample which will be issued in Dubai in the nearest future. If the novelty gets accustomed, it is quite probable that in several years it can be ordered in cheap rental cars in the UAE on rather acceptable conditions. 


      Dubai drivers over 65 years of age are required to to take special medical tests 22.08.2017

       Work to increasing the level of safety on roads of Dubai is conducted in all directions. The next innovation concerned drivers 65 years, intended to move further on the individual transport. Now they should past special medical examination for extension of period of validity of driver's licenses. And it will be possible to make it only in those state or private clinics that got the corresponding permission of local executive and police governing bodies.

The innovation becomes effective since September of the current year. According to the management of the Agency of licensing, similar measures are designed to reveal at drivers of violation of health, capable to affect negatively on quality of driving the transport. As for the term of extension of the rights, now it is only 3 years instead of former five years for foreigners and 10 years for residents. So getting or going   to rent a cheap car in Dubai, drivers of advanced age will be forced to spend time for obtaining the medical certificate about the ability to drive the car. 


      To Novikov's restaurant in Dubai – by the free taxi. 25.08.17

     If your travel to Dubai provides visit of local gastronomic sights, you don't hurry rent a car at Dubai airport. For visitors of new fashionable restaurant Novikov the trip to the taxi will be absolutely free. The sum specified in the account of taxi service, - about 13 dollars - will be subtracted from the account of restaurant, and you will be able to enjoy a delicacy of the new project of the known Russian epicure of Arkady Novikov with some economy. The pleasant surprise for gourmets became possible thanks to the agreement between taxi service of Careem and the management of restaurant. It is only necessary to call promo code the NOVIKOV at the order of the car, and free pass is provided to you.

     It should be noted that an institution is worthy the closest attention. The exclusive dishes of world and Asian cuisine prepared in due form by the best experts are presented in the menu here. And the restaurant located in prestigious hotel Sheraton Grand Hotel on Sheikh Zayed Road causes the most pleasant impression. Here wait for visitors every day from 12 to 2 o'clock in the morning.