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Dubai car rent catalog | rent a car at Dubai airport | economy car rental in the UAE | airport at Dubai car rental | cheap rental cars in the UAE  on www.
Dubai car rent catalog | rent a car at Dubai airport | economy car rental in the UAE | airport at Dubai car rental | cheap rental cars in the UAE  on www.


Rent a car at Dubai airport: catalog of cars

  About advantages of car rental in the Emirates is possible to speak very long. We believe that as one of major factors is an opportunity to receive the modern reliable car of prestigious brand on the most attractive conditions acts here. Any term, all possible distances within the UAE, faultless technical condition and the branded climatic equipment in interior – we provided everything that the potential client can demand. If you are interested in rent a car in Dubai cheap, it is necessary only to choose suitable option from our vehicle fleet. And from first minutes of stay in the country comfortable conveyance on ideally flat routes of the Emirates is guaranteed to you.


Airport at Dubai car rental: range of vehicles


Considering exacting taste of clients, we picked up the best samples of modern, reliable passenger cars of the leading global manufacturers. Today in our vehicle fleet the brands Ford, Toyota, Hyundai, Mercedes, Nissan, Mazda, Honda, etc. in the form of stylish sedans, magnificent cabriolets and powerful SUVs are presented. Advantage of bodies of light tones is caused by local climatic features and allows to exclude overheat of internal space of the car under the scorching sun. The capacious interior will please with comfortable seats and a pleasant microclimate, the engine – power, and operation of a car – favorable energy consumption without prejudice to its performance data.


To met your expectations from cheap rental cars in the UAE, pay attention to the following recommendations:


  • Choose type and brand of a car depending on the plans. For tourist routes are recommended the SUVs which are perfectly coping with huge distances. The similar option will suit also fans of shopping – the huge luggage compartment will contain tens of pleasant acquisitions. Business people will like one of models of sedans in white or silvery tones - the best opportunity to make the necessary impression on new business partner. And for those who prefer to have a rest with all conveniences and not to miss any night entertainment will approach the graceful cabriolet in which it will be possible to enjoy wholly freshness and a cool of the air smelling of the sea.
  • The convenient option of the filter quickly will allow to find the necessary car. Here you can specify the preferences in questions of a class and body type of the car, and search will issue only the list of the vehicles suitable under the specified criteria. We can offer you service delivery of the car in the airport. Airport at Dubai car rental very conveniently. Dubai rent car is very popular service.
  • The detailed description of its technical characteristics and additional options is attached to a photo of each car. It is necessary only to get acquainted with them and to fill a booking form in the page heel, and your application will immediately arrive for consideration.
  • Pure, well-groomed interior of a car – our business card. Therefore we ask our clients to refrain from smoking during driving. It not only damages the machine, but also is punished by a penalty at a rate of 1000AED.

салон авто эконом класса


Important point: the long rent term has more favorable cost. Therefore safely orders the car from the first to the last day of staying in the UAE for simplify movement in the country and to realize all drawn-up plans.


Rent a car in Dubai cheapor you are interested in economy car rental in the UAE: how to place the order?


We are ready to make you more successful and favorable proposal which numerous advantages you estimate the first minutes driving our car. Call us or send the application through WhatsApp or by e-mail to discuss conditions of cooperation and to choose the suitable car.


Below we offer to Your attention the announcement of the latest news about automotive and automotive topics, which we will update regularly.


    For illegal resale put in prison. 28.01.18

     Numerous motorists of the Emirates discuss the high-profile criminal case concerning plunder and illegal implementation of a private property. At once nine people are sentenced by court to long prison terms. Their wine – resale of the expensive cars leased. Upsets that not all newly made buyers attended to check the property rights of sellers. And now they should spend a lot of time to try to return the means paid swindlers for the right to own a magnificent car.

    More than seven million dirhams, or almost two million dollars – such sum fell into hands of the illegal businessmen who decided to profit at the expense of others. Nine people tried to earn a long time, making out lease of cars in Dubai and other cities then – looked for on them solvent and not too scrupulous buyers. At the same time the gang worked for export – announcements of sale of luxury vehicles moved abroad. Thus, the vigilance of future owners that those didn't begin to demand to show documents for purchase was possible to deceive. Interest in the illegal offer to buy a car was stirred by rather affordable prices – lower, than in salons of official sellers. The similar problem can arise with services of economy car rental companies in the UAE.

   Once tribute pays to tastes a grief of sellers – their attention was drawn only by premium class cars. Among them – the Lamborghini, Range Rover, Mercedes and Nissan brands. The scheme of criminal activity was fulfilled to trifles. In the beginning the car went to accomplices who forged customs documents. Thus, there was a "new" vehicle which then left abroad to the new buyer.

    Following the results of criminal case all his persons involved sat down at a grid for a period of 1 up to 10 years, depending on extent of participation in illegal business. After serving sentence those who aren't a citizen of the Emirates will be compulsorily deported home. Besides, the court decided to confiscate all hijacked and sold cars and also – the counterfeit documents processed to them.



        Another auction for sale of number boards: for those who want to declare himself. 22.01.18

         Motorists of Dubai with impatience expect the beginning next – the 51st – an auction for sale of number boards of a new series. For secure citizens it is an opportunity to allocate the car on the road and to spend money "for public", and for others – curiosity and desire to receive a portion of news to discussion at work and friendly parties. The beginning of registration for participation in an auction is appointed to January 21, and everyone still has time to make the decision on the matter and then – to send to organizers of an action the relevant personal information.
In license control agency on roads and transport of Dubai (RTA) told about what new is expected at the forthcoming auction. 250 signs from the 3rd, 4 or 5 digits will be offered for sale at once. All of them treat the last prestigious series designated by the English letters in alphabetical order from N to T. They can be seen only on private cars as services of rental cars in Dubai will hardly be spent for purchase of special numbers for the vehicle fleet.
        The start of auction is appointed to 8 o'clock in the morning on January 28, 2018. The action wills last five days – according to organizers, it is enough that all 250 lots were bought up. According to the director of licensing of vehicles.
Sultan Al Marzouki, the forthcoming auction, as well as his predecessors, will become the real event for automobile fans, allowing them it is easy to get elite number board and also – for the general public which is interested in loud secular news.
        As always, it wasn't without high technologies. For participation in an auction it is necessary to create the personal account on the website of Management of highways. Registration is available only to owners of the private car which was registered by Dubai or to owners of the Dubai driver's licenses. Without fail it is necessary to confirm own solvency and to pay for participation in an auction – to provide the control check for 5 thousand dirhams and to bring it in one of the client centers. The winner of an auction needs to grant the required sum cash or according to the card for the acquired number within 10 days from the moment of closing. Otherwise, its data will be included in the register of non-payers.


       I ntroduction of the VAT in the Emirates became the reason of increasing the cost of the parking. 23.12.17.

         Introduction since January, 2018 of a value added tax will surely cause of increasing  prices for goods and services. This factor acted as a stumbling block on the way of tax reform for the country leaders caring for welfare of citizens. However the rigid economic realities which have concerned States have forced to make this tough decision nevertheless. And now all motorists and that who uses services of cheap rent of a car in Dubai airport should reconcile to a thought of increasing the payment for the parking. Of course, such overpayment is insignificant. However the citizens wishing to express to the tax system of the Emirates, have received an additional subject for a talk which can be developed infinitely.
       The legislation unambiguously expresses about a tax innovation: the payment for a parking in the territory of commercial buildings and houses is an object for charge of the VAT. At the same time experts pay attention to that fact that collection of a tax will be carried out only in case payments for the parking are charged separately, but don't join in the total cost of the rent. Thus, the double taxation is excluded. And those citizens who pay rent of the house or commercial building for one account can not be afraid of additional expenses.
         As for directly parkings built in public places, their owners will raise a tax on the end user using the offered service. If this object of business is leased, in the contract it is possible "to shift" a new tax on the tenant's shoulders. In this case the payment is made not by the owner, but the person gaining income from the parking.
        It should be noted that public transport of the Emirates can be exempted from need of payment of the VAT for services of the parking. The matter is under consideration so far, and the decision on him will be passed in the next few days, before new tax 2018. Certainly, the reached agreement will be in details explained in the relevant legislative documents available to future taxpayers.



Traffic jams at Dubai of Mall: really black Friday for drivers. 02.12.17

   The sale of popular brands with huge discounts at the end of November already became tradition in many countries of the world. The Emirates with their numerous shopping centers – not an exception. In last days off the country called paradise for fans of inexpensive shopping by force was influenced by all delights of the "black Friday" which is widely advertised in all large cities of the world and in the Internet space. Three days of a mega-sale caused in Dubai an unknown stir when thousands of families on personal cars moved towards the main shopping center of the city – well-known Dubai to Mall. Very quickly because of huge accumulation of cars the huge stopper which it was possible to leave only within several hours was formed here.
   Local police was quickly reacted to current situation and took all measures not to allow its deterioration. First of all, the effective notification through social networks for all owners of the individual transport and those who were at airport in Dubai and planning  to rent a car was adjusted. In the message citizens were informed on a difficult road situation to Dubai Mall that allowed lowering car traffic. Besides, after the timely notification, many families could postpone shopping time to later hours when a flow of visitors becomes notable less. In many respects thanks to work of police it was succeeded to avoid large road incidents and unpleasant incidents in work of the parking of shopping center.
   Traffic jams at Dubai of Mall already became the constant phenomenon. Huge shopping center with a set of shops and amusement parks it becomes the general center of rest for secure locals and thousands of tourists. Therefore on the weekend it is possible to see crowds of the people here. And the multi-storey parking is completely filled, and new guests should wait long to take a vacant place. There is no wonder – more than 1200 shops, 200 restaurants and cafe, Movie Theater on 22 screens and the well-known aquarium of the huge sizes don't allow leaving quickly shopping center, and normal family rest quite often takes the whole day here. Possibly, in the near future … authorities should construct at Dubai Moll one more parking center and to think of expansion of the route conducting to shopping center.


    New yellow BMW M3 is provided to buyers from the UAE. 24.09.17

        Clients from the Emirates are famous for the financial security and aspiration to purchase of magnificent cars. Especially for them the German BMW brand developed original model of the yellow M3 car. The unique sports car – result of the strengthened work of engineers and designers who managed to improve considerably a number of performance data of the car, first of all – the power and dynamics.

        You will hardly meet such car in service of rent of a car in Dubai cheap – its cost is rather high. However for the money the owner gets chance to test and evaluate the M Performance exhaust system, adaptation to the movement at the increased speed at the expense of the strengthened rear clip and also - the rims copied from the M4 GTS model with corporate labels M Performance. Additional pleasant bonuses – carboxylic inserts and the system of vectorization of a torsion torque. And, of course, - bright yellow color in which the body is painted and in which lines on chairs are executed.


   Requirements to toning of cars in the UAE became softer. 18.09.17

       Dense toning of automobile glasses in the southern countries – real chance to escape from a heat when air temperature reaches a point in 45-50C. Possibly, this reason was the cause for mitigation of rules of toning of the individual transport and the cars offered within services of cheap car-rental in Dubai. Until recently the limit made 30% whereas today its level is increased to a mark of 50%.

    The major general Muhammad Saif Al Zafeyn, the representative of police of Dubai reported that all cars, except for trucks, including – office and leased transport have the right for dense toning. It is possible to tint all glasses, except wind. New legislative decision positively ordinary citizens. Until recently the penalty for "serious" toning made about 400 US dollars. Today, toning of glasses in the car – the only opportunity to achieve overall performance of the auto conditioner and decrease in air temperature in salon.


        In the UAE NIVA from   Kazakhstan are successfully   sale. 06.09.17

       To the car Lada 4х4 o dropped out huge honor to be influenced by sand of the desert and the heated air of tropics. The "BIPEK of the CAR — ASIA the CAR" group of companies decided to adjust export of the products to China and the Emirates. The choice of the first country is clear – the new car is waited by the numerous Chinese audiences which is usually choosing inexpensive price options. But it seemed to much surprising why as the second direction the secure UAE are chosen – here on roads luxury cars of release of the leading European brands which cost is calculated by hundreds of thousands of dollars have a priority.

        Nevertheless, the first attempts of sales inspire optimism – the car is in demand both for individuals, and for services of rent of a car at the airport of Dubai. At the same time its export cost is slightly higher than internal – the difference makes about 600 dollars. On condition of deliveries about 2000 cars a year profit for the seller becomes even more notable.


        Services of transportations in the Emirates won't be assessed with the VAT. 03.09.17

       Since1of January 2018 the system of the taxation of the Emirates is waited by serious changes. Legislators have provided input of a value added tax of 5% for a number of goods and services. It is planned that the first year of reform about 12 billion dirham will bring in the budget.

         However ordinary inhabitants will practically not feel an innovation because of increase in prices – it is provided that food and basic medical services will remain free from a new tax. Are also excluded from the list of subjects to the taxation the sold or leased housing and education. Besides, the VAT won't concern local passenger transport – the subway and the taxi, and their cost will remain invariable. Therefore if you haven't managed to use service of car-rental at the airport of Dubai yet, you shouldn't be afraid of an overpayment for use of public transport


         New electric vehicles – already in all regions of the Emirates.31.08.17

       The first residents of Abu Dhabi and Dubai could see and estimate the new electric vehicles adopted in the Emirates. There have passed several years, and this summer the first charging station has been put into operation in the smallest emirate on the area – Adzhman. The region located in the north of the country we intend to attach to a technological novelty therefore in the next years about 50 charging stations – both state, and private will be built here as soon as possible.

        Despite high cost of electric vehicles and impossibility to hire them in service of car rent Dubai , the number of their owners steadily grows. For this reason in the closest plans of road management – construction  about 200 charging stations through the whole country. It is possible to raise charge level to 100% of a mark during from 20 to 40 minutes, depending on power consumption of the concrete car. At the same time in Dubai for stimulation of transition to a new type of transport it is planned to introduce the whole system of privileges for owners of electric vehicles.


       In Dubai the police reacts to calls with a high speed. 17.082017

       No more than 12 minutes it is necessary for police officers of Dubai to arrive to the scene after receiving the corresponding call. The monitoring which is carried out in the second quarter of the current year has gives the following results: 90% of urgent calls are processed within 11 and a half minutes, regardless of time and intensity of receipt. According to the management of local police department, similar results are worthy the appreciation. So, the purpose on processing of 90% of calls within no more than 15 minutes can be considered reached. At the same time the general growth of number of calls according to the emergency numbers of police in comparison with the same period of last year approximately for 21% is noted.

      One more achievement of police of Dubai - the fulfilled practice of fixing of small violations on roads of the megalopolis without call of police. Thanks to simplification of the procedure and active work with the public, participants of insignificant incidents – both residents, and the tourists who have rent a car at the airport of Dubai - can manage now by own forces, without involving police officers in settlement of ordinary incidents.


     The legislation of working pilotless transport in Dubai is completely settled. 19.08.2017

     Specialists of Management in standardization and metrology did considerable work and made the whole list of requirements to the pilotless vehicles planned to start on the big streets of Dubai. Each trifle found the reflection in new documents: questions of reliability and safety, communication system, infrastructure, questions of service and maintenance, obligation of producers and owners. The administration of the department notes that new standards are completely adapted under the order of the government on improvement of quality of work of transport with the purpose to make it a standard for all countries of the world. 

      On UAVs specialists in the field of vehicles, telecommunication, local police and road authority took part in development of new acts. In November it is going to hold the first conference to which representatives of the companies on production of pilotless vehicles will be invited. Electric vehicles of Tesla at the price of 76 thousand dollars will be the first sample which will be issued in Dubai in the nearest future. If the novelty gets accustomed, it is quite probable that in several years it can be ordered in cheap rental cars in the UAE on rather acceptable conditions. 


      Dubai drivers over 65 years of age are required to to take special medical tests 22.08.2017

       Work to increasing the level of safety on roads of Dubai is conducted in all directions. The next innovation concerned drivers 65 years, intended to move further on the individual transport. Now they should past special medical examination for extension of period of validity of driver's licenses. And it will be possible to make it only in those state or private clinics that got the corresponding permission of local executive and police governing bodies.

The innovation becomes effective since September of the current year. According to the management of the Agency of licensing, similar measures are designed to reveal at drivers of violation of health, capable to affect negatively on quality of driving the transport. As for the term of extension of the rights, now it is only 3 years instead of former five years for foreigners and 10 years for residents. So getting or going   to rent a cheap car in Dubai, drivers of advanced age will be forced to spend time for obtaining the medical certificate about the ability to drive the car. 


      To Novikov's restaurant in Dubai – by the free taxi. 25.08.17

     If your travel to Dubai provides visit of local gastronomic sights, you don't hurry rent a car at Dubai airport. For visitors of new fashionable restaurant Novikov the trip to the taxi will be absolutely free. The sum specified in the account of taxi service, - about 13 dollars - will be subtracted from the account of restaurant, and you will be able to enjoy a delicacy of the new project of the known Russian epicure of Arkady Novikov with some economy. The pleasant surprise for gourmets became possible thanks to the agreement between taxi service of Careem and the management of restaurant. It is only necessary to call promo code the NOVIKOV at the order of the car, and free pass is provided to you.

     It should be noted that an institution is worthy the closest attention. The exclusive dishes of world and Asian cuisine prepared in due form by the best experts are presented in the menu here. And the restaurant located in prestigious hotel Sheraton Grand Hotel on Sheikh Zayed Road causes the most pleasant impression. Here wait for visitors every day from 12 to 2 o'clock in the morning.